Story 154

This was just another nite, or so I thought...I've done a lot of acid in my time but this trip, was by far, the most terrorfying experience of my life. I will give a brief overview of the setting in which I crossed over to hell. My friend's and I ran a dope den; where people of all sorts came to smoke, trip, pop, and/or drink. It was around 2am and we kicked everyone out so that we could try out these black jellies that I had come across. I thought that we were going to trip together but they (my friends) were tired. I had no one to trip with. I think that they wanted to trip but I know that they test out all of the new drugs on the lab rat (me). I didn't give a shit, so I have to trip alone, big deal. Around 2:30am I dropped a single black jelly. All my friends were asleep. Around 2:40am, the effects were taking hold. I thought to myself ", Oh SHIT!! I'm in for a ride." And it was confirmed 10mins later when the ground waves were the size of low-tide waves at an Ocean. My dumb-ass decided to put in some Type O Negative music into the Play Station. Now, anyone that has ever listened to Type O Negative knows that the sound is dark. It's not the best for setting up a trip. I plopped my ass on the couch and held tight for the ride. What a ride! Moments later the ground waves intensified, the walls were breathing fast. And then colorful patterns sprouted on the walls. The ceiling tried to grab me from above. And Type O Negative kept on playing and distorting. Suddenly as I came into a trance all of my surroundings went back to normal or so I had thought, as a whitish-yellow light creeped out from under the door of the room where the furnace was kept. I went to check it out. As I turned the door knob and opened the door the light went out and the furnace came to life as it began clattering and jumping towards me. I walked into the room and closed the door behind me. All went silent... ...I awoke on the living room floor with a knife at my neck. A real knife in my own hand and at my own neck. I screamed for help as I did not know what was going on. My friends came quickly and disarmed me. I began to cry as I went into a seizure. I thought I was going to die as my life began to black out. Thank God the seizure passed althought it did do a number on me. I thought all was fine. I thought the peak was dropping when in fact it was on the rise... ...I found myself on the couch. Everyone went back to bed. I sighed in relief but an early relief, for the ground waves once again intensified. The patterns on the walls were now that of sticky pooling blood. The tiles on the ceiling jumped up and down because the whitish-yellow light was pushing them down. I thought to myself "Oh SHIT!! It's happening again." My life blacked out for but a moment or two and I found snakes crawling under my blankets. I slapped them off but then found black-ants crawling all over the floors, walls, everything including me. And then the trip stopped (slowed down). Everything was back to normal except for that whitish-yellow light under that damn door again. I felt compelled to enter the room again. I open the same door and found myself at my friends room watching him and his girl sleep. What the hell was going on? I closed the door and found myself opening another. The furnace room. I walked in and closed the door... ...I found myself in my friend's car. They were going to work and decided to take me with them as a cautionary measure. I was having crazy mindskips from minutes to hours long. Nothing significant happened after this point but I was still boinking pretty hard hours after this. I had tripped since 2:40 am and still had milder effects as late as 10pm the following night. Remember this, the trip is never over, it only stops until the next time.