Story 155

well, where to start... it all started one summer night when i found out my friend had gotten yet another vile, and i hadnt tripped in a month or so, so i drove on out to his house to get some trip. the stuff i usually get from him isnt TOO great, but it was decent and usually the only stuff in town (i live in a small town, but with a large drug population thankfully). i got there, bought a couple hits, and went around back to see what everyone was up to. it was on sweet tarts so i just chewed em up and waited. i talked to everyone there, and everyone was just walkin in circles trippin testicles with their eyes as black as a nightstick. after about 15-20 minutes i could feel the acid takin affect, so i decided to go ahead and drive home, since i didnt want to be seein shit all the way home and fuck up somehow, which is always easy to see myself doin when im trippin. so i got home feelin pretty good. after about only 30-45 minutes from takin it, i was trippin so damn hard off these 2 little sweet tarts. i decided to take a shower to chill out a little because the shit made me feel weirder and warmer than i ever had, and it put a yellow hue in front of my eyes to add to the oddities. i turned the water on, and went back into my room to grab some clean undies. when i got there, i started lookin at the ground, as it looked fucked up as it should. but then i noticed somethin... the ground was movin, but not wavy or swirly-type movin, i mean it looked like there were hella ants on my floor. i freaked out when i saw ants all over my floor; millions of them, all crawling over each other and up my stereo and bookcase and albums. i freaked out some more and stood on a chair and watched in horror as they moved around. then i got on my hands and knees because i couldnt believe there were that many ants and i had just remembered that i had takin lsd. they were still movin and i could swear there were ants there, but when i turned on the overhead light, they disappeared. i turned it back off and freaked out again at all the ants. then i turned it back on. then off again and i chilled and watched the bugs move everywhere. it was awesome as hell when i realized it was pure hallicinogenic. man, all i could think was, shit man, i cant believe what the fuck is happening. i decided to go take that shower now. when i got back to the bathroom, i noticed the walls. man, the freakin walls. they are kind of marbalized in my shower, and i seen them everyday, but this time, it was just one big kaleidoscope. i stood there and stared with my mouth gaping at the walls which made little faces and swirls and mirrored effects which almost made my eyes bleed. i tripped out on that for a good 30 minutes, and took my shower. afterwards, i was trippin way too damn hard to say the least to hang out any longer by myself, so i decided to get back in my car and go back to my friends house where everyone was trippin just as ferociously as i was. so i got my car in the driveway, got in, and froze. all i could see were bright ass colors all around me, and i also had tunnelvision which made it all weird. i sat in there for another good half hour frozen solid, not knowing what to do, because i couldnt drive like that. i was seein way too much for me to distinguish the road from an apple. finally i collected the balls to get out of my driveway. so i started the car, backed out, and was on my way. the whole ride over to my friend's, i had both hands whiteknuckled to the steering wheel with my face about 3 inches from the windshield. i couldnt tell where to turn, but i found the road finally after i thought i had passed it 2 or 3 times. i turned on it, and completely forgot where i was. i had to stop several times and chill out because i could barely handle myself driving a car trippin this hard. i made my way to his street, but got lost on the way, of course. i turned around and found it, and made my way to his house. when i got there, i didnt know what to expect. i didnt know where everyone was. i peeked in his room from the window and saw some guys i didnt know. they saw me too, and i didnt know it at the time, but they were trippin as hard as i was. they went to the window and started yellin, "what the fuck dude, who the fuck are you. what the fuck are you doin here!!!???" i freaked and didnt know what to do. i had the aching feeling in my stomach that i was trippin my nuts, had gone to the wrong house, and freaked somebody else out. this totally freaked me out. just then, someone i knew came around from the back and directed me to the party. i felt so much better when i saw 8 other people with their pupils as big as baseballs. that whole night ended up with us walkin around and talkin complete nonsense. we all forgot what people in the real world do, how they act and talk, and we had no clue what to do but walk around from place to place, sit in a different chair every 5 minutes, and lauch at each other. i eventually went home at about 4:30, still trippin, and chilled in my bathroom listenin to music until about 7, when my parents left for work. there is another half to this story of me and 3 other guys from the party the night before trippin all the next day, but my hands hurt, so i will write it in and tell it to yall some other time.