Story 157

im not sure exactly how long long ago it was, but i know it was within the past year this story took place. my friends and i try to get acid about every weekend. sometimes we do sometimes we dont. when we do we usually end up having a real fucked up night. this night was particularly fucked up for me b/c i hadn't tripped this hard since my "winterfresh gum" experience,(which is another story i have on this web page, and is actually supposed to be called an unearthly world, but the two got mixed up) ANYWAYS!!!! it was a friday and my friend, "Izzy" went to get 30 hits. he sold some and ended up with 17. me, "spain", "barnhill" and "cosgrove"went to k-mart to get some tripping accessories. i ended up finding some air blast (keyboard cleaner-i dont recomend it b/c its EXTREMELY dangerous but it will straight fuck you up-especially on acid)well barnhill had to go to work after that untill six. so me and cosgrove went to meet izzy. Izzy got in with us, theeennn we had to go get one other person, "lee" we all piled into my piece of shit grand am, and headed to the river. its a place we always go to smoke out and shit. as soon as we got there me and izzy dropped 4 hits a piece, lee took 3, and cosgrove took 2. within 30 min we all started feeling it. my legs were starting to feel week and a little sore. the first visuals i got started in the rocks. the patterns in them started coming out like 3D. then the clouds started forming into faces, I WAS TRIPPIN BALLS. we fucked around there for a while untill it was time to get barnhill. by that time i was FUCKED and i had to drive. so we went to get barhill (he worked at a gas station so we loaded up on OJ and stoges) barnhill dropped 2 at his house, his parents are cool so we didnt have to worry about getting in trouble over there. so we packed up the bowl a couple times and broke out the air blast. that shit is CRAZY. as soon as you would hit it you see all kinds of colors and patterns, shit was all over, i was fucking hallucinating hard. so we go back to the river(barnhills driving now thank god) to waist some more time. our final destination was my house but my mom didnt go to work untill 10:30. by this time me izzy lee and cosgrove are in our own little worlds and barnhills just waiting to start trippin'. we fuck around there untill it's time to go to my house. finally it was time. so we're drivin down the road-everybody's trippin balls by now. i pull into my driveway and there's is like 10 cars at my house and there's not supposed to be anyone there. so im like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. so i go to a gas station and call home from a pay phone and no one picked up. so im totally trippin out now confused as fuck. so we go back to my house and no one was there, you got to understand how wierd that was trippin'. (it turns out my mom had a bunch of her church friends over for supper and they cleaned up for her after she left-but i didnt find out untill the next day). so we finally got to my house. i felt 200 times better at home so i could actually start enjoying my trip. me and izzy took the two last hits and gave the bottle to barnhill to cut into and lick clean. (which there was probably quite a bit in there.) i've got napster on my comp where ive downloaded all kinds of shit to listen to when your trippin like fatboy slim pink floyd some dead (a wide variety of shit). every one of us were into something all night. if we weren't out in the woods trippin out we be checkin out the 3D maze on crack(air blast) but we called it the crack-dont ask why, we were fucked. probably the most pleasing experience ive EVER had was watching the 3D maze listening to funk soul brother and hitting the crack on five hits of acid at one time. the only one who wasn't doing anything was lee. he was down stairs in my room figuring out the meaning of life or some shit. i think he's fucked in the head after that night. he claims that seeing the world through his lsd goggles is the way the world really is and acid is the only way to know whats really going on (i dont know, he scarry) NEways. i think the rest of us ended up laying on my deck, listening to music and watching the clouds that were moving fast as fuck it was really quite an experience. the rest of the night was just us laying there and saying stupid shit that at the time was pretty funny. the next morning after not sleeping i had to get up and take every one home. i took adam lee and izzy home and me and barnhill went and got a biscuit from country BBQ. then i had to go work for my uncle all day, it was REAL fuckin gay. after that i slept for over 24 hrs. no really. i guess this is the end. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CRACK==========SPAIN