Story 158

hello my fellow trippers! how is it going. this story is about how i got into tripping for the fist time. i had actually planned on doing it for at least three months until it happened a week ago. i went to a rave, where every single person in there is on something eider pills or trips. as i went in i went looking for dealers in the place, after about half an hour i had my look, and i found what i was looking for. the dealer had "hovemings 2000" the strongest shit you can ever get, it was doubble dipped. so then i took it and half an hour later the trip started kicking in very hard, i was swetting like a pig, my body was becoming nume. every body looked very weired, some of the faces in the crowed started scarrying me, but i knew that i was only tripping. after a while me and my mates decided to roll-up a spliff, it was a painfull task for us considering the state we were in. i couldn't focus properely my fingers became nume, and the sliff semmed like it was bent. but i mannaged to do it at the end. after we had the spliff we decided to take a walk around the, i was amased by the bright colurs around the place every one in the club seemed like they were all starring at me, it was scarrying me a bit but i just thought to my-self that itdosn't matter. as i sat down to rest the trip kipped in so fucking hard that i didn't know what actually hit me. every thing looked in 3-d to me, and everything seemed to move in slow-motion to me, the walls seemed to be caving in on me, one thing that i hated of my trip is that i couldn't avoid people or the noises sorrounding me. a couple of hours had passed and i felt like i was never going to calm down from this trip, this thought was giving a bit of a scare, and as i was giving that to much thought to that i became vey anxiouse and i felt that i needed to get out of the club as soon as possible. so i did get out of the club, and i was still triping., now that i think of it, it was 8:30am. as i got home i relized that my dad was a wake, i got scared and became very fragile to anything. i quiklly looked my -self in my room, and then i felt a reliff.

thank you for your time, i hope you like my acid story. i hope that i cansee it on the web-site. thanx. Gus..