Story 159

Not too long ago me and my best friend decided it was time for another trip. I myself dropping somewhere between 10 to 12 hits of liquid at about nine o'clock. the first part of the trip was ordinary enough, but then around one a.m. I found myself in a new tatto parlor just checking things out with my trip partner. I had no clue what was going to transpire that night. My trip was just peaking and i was trying to carry on a serious conversation with an old friend from where i used to work, and she was very upset about other matters. i can not tell you how hard it is to look serious when lines, colors, shapes, and patterns keep flying off of someones face and off into the air. Even still i tried to hold myself the best i could manage.(which by the way was not very good). After the conversation was over i thought me and my trip partner were gojing to leave and find some more adventures elsewhere.WRONG ANSWER. My trip partner looked at me and calmly suggested i get a tatto. "Huh?" i believe was all that come out of my mouth. i told him i was tripping way too hard and that he shouldn't put ideas in my head. he persisted anyways. Before it was over with i was sitting in the chair watching the artist shave my leg, wondering how in the hell did i get here. getting the tatto was damn near a religious experience. there was some kick-ass music by enigma blairing in my ear and all i could do was watch the bold area on my leg contract and expand. my skin on my leg looked transparent and just beneath it there were pictures and patterns cascading down my leg and then the needle hit my skin. For those out there who have never had a tatto while tripping i can't really put the feeling into words. all i can say is that the pain was something i could disassociate from my mind and then before i even realized what had happened the artist sat back and behold i was scarred for life. and of all the tattoos i could have gotten the one that i chose were the chinese characters for crazy, insane. somewhat appropriate for the situation i thought. in retrospect, i don't regret it at all. it is a good reminder of friends and the good times that we shared together. hey Mike if you ever read this. Thank you for talking me into it.