Story 16

This is not a acid story but it is one that happened to me while I was shrooming. It is a little long but it is pretty good. Well me and one of my buddies decided to eat some shrooms one night so we got are hands on some. After about 45 minutes after eating them it just started to get weird. There was five of us sitting at my buddies apartment when all of a sudden it seemed to me that the other four just floated out to another planet. So for a while I thought I was on a different planet than everyone else and I could not communicate with them because they were so far away. Than after I came back to the same planet as them me and my other buddy who was tripping with me decided to smoke up on top of this. We each took a couple of hits. Then on my third hit I took a pretty big one. And all of a sudden I stood up and looked at my friend and said, "Ah captain we're going done" My fried said, "What the hell are you talking about." I responded yet again, "Ah captain we're going down we have a fire in quadrant four prepare for emergency landing." This entire time I thought I was a plane that started on fire and crashing. Than after I got over that I wanted to play the lazer light show that is on playstation when you play a normal CD in it. But my friends did not. So all of a sudden I thought that I was four years old in the grocery store with my mom and she would not buy me a candy bar so I through a tantrum. I sat in a chair for about five to ten minutes crying harder than ever before in my entire life and trying to bag the other guys to put it in for me. Finally they did because they felt bad for me. So I sat there for hours just playing it in amazement. The entire time still thinking I was a four year old. By this time I was starting to come down I thought but then something really weird happened. I was looking at one of my other buddies and all of a sudden a layer of his face floated off his head and it floated onto my face so all of a sudden I turned into this kid. I seriously thought I was this kid. I talked like him and acted like him. After this was over I pretty much came down. Looking back on it it was one of the funest trips I have ever had.