Story 161

It was the weekend of my birthday, and my friends came up from Virginia and they brought Jerri Garcia papers with them. We took our first hit aroud 2 pm. We were driving around town smoking some weed. We stopped in the park to chill with all of our other friends that were trippin' . There was about 17 kids in the park trippin'. We were all looking at the appalachain Mountains and the clouds, when someone suggested that we rent hotel rooms. So, when we went to pick my best friend up from her work, we decided to rent a hotel room. We drove around some more. We took a ride on Interstate81 and we almost got into an accident because of the fog. We went back to our town and dropped one more, then picked up my friend from work. We went back to the htel and the one guy, Tom dropped three more hits. Alfredo and I dropped two more. Shannon (my best friend) dropped the two we gave her. We were all having a good old time. Then all of a sudden Tom starting flippin' out on all of us. We finally got him calmed down, when Shannon told us she still hasn't seen anything, so we gave her one more hit and Alfredo and I took one more. We watched MTV for a while then a Greek show where a whole bunch of animals were talking. That was really fucked up. We all decided it was time to keep quiet, since our neighbors kept complaining about us. Tom jumped in the shower with his shorts on. He was all soaked when he sat on the bed so none of us had a place to sit. Then we finally layed down and tried to go to sleep, which didn't happen. We were all up all night long. We all were exhausted. So we went to find someone to sell us some pot and smoked and I went to bed, Shannon went to work, and the guys went back to Virginia. Nice birthday present? I ate all the acid I wanted to for free.