Story 162

This is a story of me, Robert. It took place about a year ago. It was my very first time ever taking a pycadelic. I took 1/8th of shrooms, very very very good shrooms. I was there with my best friend Brian (took almost 1/8th) his girl friend and my good friend Rose (took almost 1/8th) , my friend J (took 1/16th) and Brians friend Casey (SOBER!). So any ways, we took the shrooms then walked to a park. We laid out a big white blanket and just kicked it there for a while then BAM it hits me. It hits me hard. I started to love nature and every thing living. Every tree, every blade of grass just made me feel so happy. The sky looked like it was coded in glass, and when birds would fly over me it would leave a streak in the sky for a few seconds. Me and Rose started to connect on another level, we understood each other just by motions and sounds, we didn't need words. So for a while we all look at trees and the sky, then Rose puts on headphones on my head. The Beatles are playing Across the Universe! The music just blew my mind, how could music sound so good?! (to this day I'm a huge Beatles fan just because of that day) Here is where things start to get a little bad. Casey (the sober one) starts saying hes board and wants to take my car for a drive. He then starts to pack things up. I flip out and start thinking about how its so hot out and that I might need sun block. So now Casey continues to bitch then Rose and Brian go for a walk with J. So its just me and Casey. Casey then leaves me! In the middle of the park by my self, while I peek on shrooms. I run faster than I've ever ran before to catch up to them. So then we all go back to our spot and me and Rose look at Dr. Soose books for a while and play with some Oranges. Now Casey wants to go get something to eat at Taco Bell. Me and Rose are thinking "Why would we want food? This is the best day of our lives" So he leaves to get food and thank god! I can enjoy my trip now. I continue to look at things and now all of the sudden a Biker comes up and starts talking to me Rose and Brian, while J is trying to cook a hot dog with no luck. The Biker talks in gibberish and me and Rose just laugh thinking "If he only knew". So he leaves and now I have to take a piss. I start taking a piss in the bathroom and man was that weird. My pee was turning silver and gold colors. I walk back to the park and Casey is back. I take a sip of his soda and WOW! It was like a river running through my body. Then I take a little nibble of a chip and that just blows my mind as well. We are all starting to come down off of the shrooms so we drive down to Block Buster and get some movie. I was just standing in that place wondering why I was there. So then we go back to Brians house and watch the movie. Well Me J and Casey do at least, Rose and Brian are in the other room having sex. Later that night Casey leaves and me and J smoke a bowl. This kicks the trails back in for a while. That concludes my story, but ever sense that day no Drug has EVER been able to compete with that day. Even when I did shrooms again, not even close to as good. That day will live in my memory as the best day of my life.