Story 163


hawaii last summer i called up a dealer friend of mine asking him if he had any "postcards"(he encouraged all of his customers to use code words on the phone because he was afraid that it was tapped). he said yeah, you can come over, but the situation is kinda wierd. i got to his house and he explained to me the unfortunate events that had unfolded. he told me how he got fronted 5 vials of liquid lavender acid, and he had it mailed to him. the 5 vials were wrapped in paper towels and sealed in a ziplock bag. during the mailing process the vials happened to shatter and the acid was absorbed by the paper towels. so my friend has this wad of paper towels that is damp with very very good liquid acid. he was definitely going to lose money on this one because he had no way of knowing just how much a hit was and he didnt want to sell bunk doses. he gave me pieces that were about half the size of my thumb for me and a few of my friends. we planned a mission to the zoo the next day, so we all caught the bus and decided to drop our hits. as soon as i put it in my mouth i felt a very strong, chemically metallic taste fill my mouth and i thought to myself " i just took A LOT of acid, a lot more that i have ever taken". i was used to kind of tasteing it a little if it was if it was a good hit of paper, but this was extremely intense. 5 minutes after dropping our hits we got off the bus, and we were already starting to feel something. we decided to smoke some weed on the beach before going into the zoo. after smoking a few bowls we were all having crazy visuals, and it was kind of scary, because we had only taken the acid about 20 minutes beforehand. on the walk to the zoo we were all laughing maniacly at the pretty colors. i dont know how any of us kept our composure enough to get through the gate but somehow we all managed. shortly after our entry, the acid REALLY started kicking in. i was so fucking high that i could completely control my visuals. any image i would think of would appear in a quiltlike pattern, pulsating, changing colors and strewn across my entire span of vision. we walked around the zoo and all the animals looked very sad and sick. it seemed like they hated living there so much that they wanted to die. after a few hours we left the zoo and decided to go and smoke some more happy plant. we walked aimlessly on the beach. all of the sudden we realized what kind of a beach we had stumbled upon. we witnessed many couples of middle aged gay men, prancing around the beach in thongs, and participating in other ungodly acts. this was too much for us, i dont think i have ever laughed this hard before. after laughing for a few hours straight at nothing in particular, it really began to hurt a lot, and this stumbling upon a gay beach incedent almost killed me. after getting very far away from the gay beach, we sat down and enjoyed the much needed smoke session and reflected on our extremely surreal day. the trip lasted about 14 hours and we all estimated that we ingested at least 10 hits of liquid. it deepened all of our friendships, and we all agree that none of us have been the same since that insane paper towel trip.