Story 164

OK, so I have always been so afraid to do acid. I convinced myself that it really fucks with your brain chemicals. But anyway, one night after getting a 12er of Coors and sitting at my friend DuValls drinking, when another friend Craiger comes over. There were now 14 people in this little apartment sitting, watching TV and listening to music as we ussualy do. Not to mention passing the bong and blunts around endlessly. Craiger got into his pocket and broke out a vile of acid. He asked me and some of my friends if we wanted to trip. I told him I was a pussy and was scared. They all reassured me it would be fine. Then one of my friends gave Craiger 5 bucks. Two of my friends that had never tripped, put their hands out, got a drop of acid on it and licked it off. My little sister was hesitant, but she too took a hit. Then I said to myself, fuck it, and took a hit at 12:37am (I happened to look at the clock). I kept drinking and about half an hour later I still didn't feel anything. I figured the acid was just "Sweat Breath", because that's what it tasted like, and thats the kind of container it was in. After arguing with Craiger about the acid being bunk or not, it started to hit me. I looked over at my sister and started busting out laughing. There were 14 of us sitting in the apartment all tripping. I couldn't stop talking about the dumbest shit. Someone and I started talking about nitrous and how it makes you hear a "wah wah wah" sound in your head. Then we all starting saying wah wah wah wah wah. It sounded SOO cool. Like all the voices turned into one. Anyway, we ran out of cigarettes after I had just bought a new pack a couple hours earlier. So, Craiger, my sister and I decided to walk to the store. As we were walking Craiger said he had some nug so I busted out my pipe and we smoked. As we were walking we saw a po po drive by. That didn't even phase me I was just feeling really happy. When we got to the store, I was the only one with an i.d. so i had to go in and buy the cigarettes. When I went in, The lights were so bright everything was blurry. I still managed to get 2 packs of Marb Lights. We started walking back. I think it was cold out because my hands were feeling kind of numb. I looked down at the sidwalk and I thought all the wet leaves were piles of pudding . Then I got so hungry for vanilla pudding. Then when we got back to DuVall's apartment I got real tired. I kept telling someone to make me go to bed. I know I was saying the gayest shit but I didn't really give a fuck. Everyone else was trippin' too. I started pleading for them to play Bob Dylan "Hurricane" so finally someone put that in. Oh I was soo fucking happy just because I got to listen to that. Then as I was talking to my friend Rocky, my cell phone rang. I had no idea what the fuck it was. Then someone was like umm Jess, your cell is ringing. So I looked at the caller id and it was my mom, but I answered it anyway. She just wanted to know when I was coming home, but I had no fucking clue. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and the ashtray was on the floor so I kept flicking my cigarette on the floor. We all thought that was the funniest shit. I had perma smile so bad I couldn't relax my face. It was stuck smiling. Then I started staring at the tiedies on the walls and ceiling. I looked like it was pulsating with light, and like there were little mouths on them that were chomping. THEN, as I was searching for another beer, someone noticed a cop car outside. We all ran into a side bedroom, turned off the lights and looked outisde the window. The cop was shining the light into the apartment. Oh my God we were all freaking out. I needed another cigarette so I got one and lit the wrong end. The whole room smelt like ass. On the second try I was successful. After about a half an hour, the cop left and we all went back into the living room. We decided we should go back home and try to sleep. Well when we got home we all passed out. 3 hours later I woke and could not get back to sleep, so I sat on the couch, still tripping, and watched tv. I had to go to work still trippin, but it ended up fine. My acid trip was fun shit. I definatly reccommend it!!!!