Story 165

my parents went out of town for the weekend and so i went to this party at my friend's house and this really really cool guy had a vial and gave everybody free hits of acid. He said it was REALLY good shit and advised me not to take more than one, and it was only my 3rd time to trip. 30 minutes after he dosed me, I began to trip hard. I sat out on the grass with my friends, listening to the trance music playing in the background and started to dance. I began to actually lose myself and when i opened my eyes everyone was staring at me, telling me i had been doing this crazy shit with my hands (liquid) for like 20 minutes. I couldn't stop moving tho, and i found it hilarious. Then I decided I had to go to the bathroom, so I went, my hands moving the whole way. I finally get to the bathroom, and I figure out it was the worst bathroom to be in--there were mirrors everywhere. So there I'm sitting on the toilet, trying to figure out a safe place to look. The tile on the flo! or was red and orange and kinda looked like fire, and the more I thought about this the more it kinda looked like flames. I kept telling myself that it was the drugs and eventually looked up to find my face distorting and swirling---i still wasn't done peeing (I'm a very slow pee-er when i trip) so i was starting to freak out because i couldn't leave. So then when I got out of there I found my friend Josh and told him about it and he calmed me down for the most part. So I started dancing again and then this straightedge asshole Kele came up to me and started yelling a bunch of shit about showing off and it really hurt my feelings so I walked over to another group of people, sat down, and started crying. They were trying to calm me down when a bunch of people went passed yelling "5.0" and i was like, shit, cops, i can't do this and ran out into the woods. Josh found me as i was flipping out and told me to calm down because the cops would get suspicious. So I tried to tell! him what was wrong and I couldn't quite find the right words to tell him and I thought he would laugh at me for crying over what Kele said so I didn't tell him. We went back to the house after awhile and it turned out the cops were only there to make us turn down the music and they had left. I was OK for awhile until Kele yelled at me and so I started crying again while Josh escorted me to a place inside and Kele followed, confused because he didn't know I was tripping, we talked for awhile and then everything was cool and then it was time for everyone to leave so my friend Steven gave me a ride home. Once we get to my house I asked him to stay awhile because I couldn't trip alone at that point. So I sat and played my piano and then I heard him say something and I stop and I was like, "what?" He asked, "would you like to have sex?" It was very interesting because I had 3 dreams in the past that we had hooked up and I figured that this probably meant something so I said ! yes. When we were done things were real awkward so he left and I watched a movie and eventually fell asleep. Steven hasn't talked to me since and it was almost a year ago that this happened. Oh well. Anyways, that's my fucked up night. Peace out...

--- ~Tessa~