Story 166

HI guys, I just found this great page and it is just what I was looking for. I have done acid one time and hopefully a 2nd time in a few days from now. Any ways here is what happened. Me and six of my friends all go camping. me and two of my best friends all take two hits of acid, and two of my friends take one hit each, the other two are just there to watch, sober people. So we take the hits at about 1am and walk a ways down to a huge hill. By the time we get there the acid starts kicking in. Right when it starts to kick in BAM it starts poring rain. All of us take shelter in a bath room. The first thing that happens to me is this, Iím looking at a tree and every single green leaf starts to turn into green rain drops. Dropping over and over again in an ever so trippy way. Next I start looking at my hands and waving them around, leaving huge trails. My moron sober friend Dustin starts trying to talk to me but I ignore him and go to the other bathroom stall where my very good friend rose is (who is also tripping on two hits). Me and her start playing with this glow in the dark string I had with me. The string was crazy, it would never un tangle and when I would toss it on the ground it would splatter into a million different pieces on the ground. And when I would try to pick those pieces up I would realize that it was just the pattern on the ground and that the string was still in my hands! Next something very strange happens. Dustin and Joe (the two sober ones) walk over and start talking about something and all of the sudden me and Rose at the exact time go "WHAT THE HELL!?!" Because to both of us it felt like the whole earth rotated 90 degrees. We thought to our selves that we where back in the first bath room but in reality we where still in the second. Now I glance over at my two friends who took the one hit each (Eyad and Dan). They have never done any hard core drugs before at this time but they had only had one hit. So they are standing up and having a conversation. Me and Rose start wondering how in the world they could be having a conversation when me and her could barely make out five words. Suddenly I realize that I had a few things in my jacket. My CD player with the Beetles CD in it, and a lolly pop! So I put on the beetles and start sucking on that sucker like there was no tomorrow. The Beetles are what I listen to on drugs (acid and shrooms) and sure enough they just made my trip a thousand times better. I could see the music poring out of my ear piece and I attempted to ball it up and keep it as my own. Looking around I see that most of my friends are looking at me thinking "what the hell is he doing?" I just laughed at them out of pity. We all lay down in the bathroom and think about stuff, stare at things and just relax for a good few hours. Looking outside I notice that it is day time! How could that be? I walk out side and Rose and Brian (Brian is the one who showed me the world of drugs) are already outside walking around. The rain is gone?! So I walk around noticing that the acid wasn't peeking any more. The Sky and the grass and the wooden benches are just so cool. We then walk up to the camp (oh by the way the two sober dudes had already gone back hours and hours ago) and this is where my trip turns not so good. I notice that the windows on my car are down and soaked in rain! I look inside and just flip out. The seats are up on the roof of the car, the steering wheel is an egg shape, and so on. But in reality my car was fine, just a little dirty. Now I look around at our camp sight and notice all of our stuff is totally soaked! I sit down and just think to my self "oh my god, oh my god". At this point I am no longer tripping, Iím just cracked out and sleep deprived. Every once and a while I would look around and a little something wouldn't look right. A rock would be moving, a trees bark would be the wrong color. This continues for about a day until I actually get some freaking sleep! I wake up and its raining again, but the good news is Iím sober. So we pack up in the rain and go home. Me, Eyad, Dan, Rose and Brian all look back on this day as one of a kind. A true experience. But Dustin and Joe just thing "those crazy bastards stayed in a bath room all night" As the Beetles say........If They Only Knew!