Story 167

Without going into to much detail, I will try to explain the worst LSD experience I ever had. Towards the end of April, one of my friends scored a sheet of tie-dyed papers. I decided to buy three hits because I wasn't sure how potenet they were. It was a Friday night so I went to my friends show at the local cofee shop. Around eight o'clock that night I ate my three hits of acid. Fifteen minutes later some of my friends and I went outside the cofee shop to smoke a cigarette. While we were standing outside, another friend of mine came running up to and he told me not to eat any of the tie-dyed hits. I thaught he was just joking so I started laughing. He said that he tried one of them early that morning and totally bugged out. He told us that he couldn't even stay in school. He left, went home and locked himself in his room. This TOTALLY bugged me out even though I have done a lot of acid. After only about twenty minutes of waiting the acid kicked in really hard. Everywhere I looked, I saw extremely distorted images. I could not even tell who was standing next to me. I felt like I was about one foot tall and all of the people around me were gigantic statues staring at me. My mind was going in about a thousand different directions. I could no longer hear the music, I could only imagine what it looked like. Eventually I just ran out of the cofee shop and locked myself in my car. I figured maybe listening to my favorite song by myself would calm me down. After two minutes of losing my mind, in my car, an ambulance and a police car drove past the parking lot really slowly. Their blinking lights looked like an enormous disco ball rolling down the street. I FREAKED OUT!!! I thaught that maybe someone inside started having a bad trip and the ambulance was coming to take them away. I stepped on the gas and proceeded to drive home. As soon as I left the parking lot I knew that driving was a bad idea. The road seemed like it was constantly turning left. I found myself driving in the other lane most of the way home. Stop signs looked like scarecrows, litter looked like stray dogs running in the streets, and the other cars on the road looked like dark bubbles coming towards me. The drive back to my house seemed like 3 hours, it was only about 15 minutes. I figured being back in my house in my own room would make me feel better. I WAS WRONG!! I'm not sure what time it was when I layed in my bed, but it could not have been past 11:30. To make a long story short, I layed in my bed for the next 13 or 14 hours tripping my face off. When I closed my eyes the hallucinations were even worse. What a fucked up feeling. The next day, my brain felt like a pile of mush. I couldn't comprehend anything. But, one horrible experience can eliminate not the memories of hundreds of other times.