Story 168

This is the story of my first real trip at a Phish concert last night. My friends and I drove to the concert and arrived at 3pm. Hanging out in the parking lot, we all put three drops of liquid acid on our wrists and licked it off. Two hours later I felt energized and thought the parking lot was a marina and the cars were bobbing like boats. Before we knew it time started slowing down and it seemed like hours before the concert started. When I went for a walk the car looked like it was miles away when it was only 20 steps away! We all headed out and walked in, whereupon I practically lost everyone in my confusion. We got our spot in the open field with a great view of the audience and stage. My friend then gave me three more drops on my wrist. At that point or shortly after, I became lost in the music. I actually left my body and was flying around the stadium. The energy was all incredibly positive and the feeling of love was incredible. There were no gender or sexuality boundaries and everyone flowed together. At times I was so overcome by the experience I practically cried. The clouds started parting and the sky had beautiful visuals. I found myself talking to myself and not sure whether or not what I was saying was coming out of my mouth or my head. My soul literally melted into the sky and came out again into the audience. I wasn't sure I was coming back at a couple of points. When the concert ended and the lights went on, that's when I got paranoid and thought the police we all leading us to jail. I saw ambulances and people on stretchers and thought we were in a war. I was picking up everyone else's vibes, good and bad. All in all, it was a mind-blowing, life-changing experience and most of which I experienced can't be adequately put into words it was so powerful.