Story 17

The first time i ever triped on acid was in school.Well anyways around 3rd period i started to feel everything blur. I was walking to my next class and someone started telling me the wierdest stories about some downsyndrome kid that went to this school and how he was on Wheel of Fortune. Well I started hysterically laughing thinking about this retarded kid spinning the wheel and jumping up and down and litterally could not stop laughing for 5 minutes. I got to my class and there was still time left. So I'm talking and I'm not really seeing any hallucinatory things except everything is blurry around the edges. Well then someboby starts asking me these questions about me winning a sweepstakes or something and how im going to spend all the money. All my answers are coming out as incoherent gibberish. Its really getting hard to think and everthing is getting so blurry i can hardly see. Well next thing i know I'm in class and I dont even remember how I got there i was just talking and then boom i was in class. I'm starting to get severly paranoid and I'm scared that if try to talk I'll sound like an idiot. Well then everybody comes into the class and the only thing theyre saying is "Would you like fries with that." It starts becoming completely insane even the teacher is saying this over and over and hes talking about the dramatic complexities behind that statement. Then we do something that we never ever do in this class or any of my classes.We got up and we all went outside. Well were all outside sitting in the grass and the teacher is still talking about the would you like fries with that statement. Now he starts picking students to stand up and say you know what.I am completely boggled. I dont see how this can be happening and why am i not seeing any hallucinations. No ground breathing no melting stuff no trails.Well its about this time that this kid walks through are class attempting to leave the campuss. My teacher confronts him asking him if he has a pass.The kid shows him the pass and starts walking away.Then my teacher starts yelling at him calling him a smuck and a shithead. Well class soon ends after this and I decide not to stick around. I leave the campuss and on my way home i pass through this seniors community that i always go through. Only one thing is different. Every single car in there is red. Bright shiny polished red! Now I've passed through there at least a thousand or so times and ive seen maybe one or two red cars but that day every car was red. I wasnt seeing anything else though .No elves, no rainbows, no different dimensions nothing cool. I dont know what of any of this i was hallucinating but it was a completely horrible experience and every time after that ive droped acid i still dont see any hallucinations. Ive even tried dropping two to three tabs and nothing happens.