Story 170

It's been about seven years since the last time I've done acid. I used to do it all the time but the last time stopped me forever. I was 15 years old and decided to drop some acid with a couple of friends. Everything was ok at first. It was just like a regular trip, nothing new. We were at a party and were having a good time. We decided to go back to my friends boyfriends house to spend the night. Well my friend's boyfriend had no clue that we were on acid, he was the very preppy type. We were staying in his little cottage way in back of his parents house. The first thing that freaked me out was when we first walked in there was a huge spider on the wall, and I am deathly afraid of spiders. The next thing that happen was pretty cool but kind of scary, I went to pee outside, (there was no bathroom in the cottage) and when I looked up into the night sky it looked like a net of moving particles was surrounding me. I just thought that I was having a very intense trip. When I went back inside my friends were smoking pot and I joined them, I laid on the bed with my elbows up and my head resting on my palms. the next thing I knew was that I fainted. When I tried to get up my body was just rolling, it was like I had no bones, that my body was like a slinky. It was also very painful, it felt like someone was burning and pulling my skin, I hated it. Worst of all my friends acted like they didn't know what was wrong with me because they didn't want their boyfriends to know that they were on acid. They gave me a sleeping pill to try to clam me down but it didn't work, the only thing that gave me comfort was to know that at a certain time my trip would be over. And it was, the next day I felt ok except for sore legs. But a few weeks later I was smoking pot and I got the same feelings. I'm sure it was just a flash back but it put me into a panic. To this day 7 years later I still have flashbacks and panic attacks. I lead a normal life but sometimes I have to take a step aside and try to relax myself when those flashbacks happen. Also I'm very paranoid that someone is going to spike me with acid. I would rather die then go through a trip like that again.