Story 171

What up, this is a pretty fucked up story. Me and a one of my friends each took 5 rainbow gels, some of the best acid in the world, and for sure the best ive ever taken. We ate the doses around 1200noon on sunday. the shit kicked in like 20 minutes after i dropped the shit. We went to my brothers aparptment and started smokin hella fuckin buds. We all just sittin around cheefin for a couple of hours and just clownin and trippin nuts. Then i started gettin some of the best visuals of my life. I looked over at my buddies hair and it was strait worms comin out of his head and shit. It started really fuckin w me so i went outside to smoke a ciggarette. As i was smokin my square i started steppin on some leaves outside. As the leaves crushed they turned into worms and crawled away. I dont know exactly how long i did this for but my bro came out and was like what the fuck are you doin, he wasnt trippin. He told me that my friend was wiggin out. I went in there and he was in the bathroom in the corner w no fuckin clothes on, this was enough right there to fuck w me. Then he started saying that the devil was talking to him and that only he was the chosen one, i was like what the fuck are you talking about fagget, he just looked at me like he wanted to kill me, then out of no where he grabbed his knows and tried to pop his ears. Blood literaly came squirting out of his ears like a fucking water gun, no joke, ive tripped hundreds of times and i know what i saw, it was blood then blood started comin out of his nose and all of this was when he was naked as a fuckin jay bird, i was thinkin if i should call the pigs or what to help him out, i mean this shit was fuckin w me hardcore. i decided to shut the bathroom door and forget about him, i left him in there for 3 hours and came and checked on him to find he was in the same position i left him in, at that point he couldnt even talk, we all ended up passin out around 200 that morning and the kid has never tripped again to this day, he doesnt remember shit, i do, and my bro who wasnt even trippin does and he said it was the most fucked up thing hes ever seen in his life. And in case your wonderin, you know im still trippin today, hells yeah, later on guys.