Story 172

About 2 weeks ago my friend Jon had come back down from out west to go court on a possession and paraphenilia charge, and we had never tripped together before. The shit we got was on paper towels, just dropped out of a vial. We were going to drive about an hour away to see some friends from high school at college, and we decided to drop not long before we left, thinking it would kick it around the time we got there. We also had smoked about 3 joints and had 2 more with us for when we got there (which we didn't end up needing, as there were massive amounts of dope there to begin with). We both drank massive amounts of orange juice too. We had some directions on the back of a grocery store receipt, and we were on our way. When we left my house, it was beautiful outside, but about 20 minutes into the trip it started pouring rain and was foggy as hell. We were driving on the backass woods roads to get there, and we started tripping our balls off after about 30 minutes. (He took 3 hits and I took 2). Everything was going well until his windshield wipers just stopped working for no apparent reason. We pulled off on the side of the road, trying to find the fusebox in his truck but couldn't find it. Evidently the same fuse that killed the windshield wipers also killed the heater, and it was starting to get cold. We had to keep the windows down so they didn't fog up. I was looking at the windshield and it was like an aquarium, the little water droplets looked like 3-D fish dancing in unison, forming circles and formations. After I sat in almost a trance watching the aquarium on the windshield, I started wondering how my friend could see the road, and turns out he couldn't. He was trying to drive with his head out the window, and we were driving in the wrong lane several times. We would hit huge water puddles and hydroplane on the road, and at this point I really started to freak out. We were in the middle of nowhere, had no clue how to get where we were going, couldn't see the road. We pulled off several times trying to wash off the windshield, but it would get worse 5 seconds after we got back on the road. I was freaked out the whole time, because I couldn't see the road, I was freezing cold and wet, and almost wound up in the ditch a couple of times, but my friend was having fun, yelling and going off, he was getting off on it. We finally got to the college where our friend lived, but we couldn't find her dorm. Our pupils were so huge, there were no color left in our eyes, and we were tripping so hard. We stopped and asked people how to get to the residence hall, and people just looked at us like we were retarded. They acted like we were hours off course, and that we were totally helpless. So many people didn't know where this residence hall was, we thought we might have wound up in another state. We didn't know anyone, and when we tried calling our friend, she wasn't there to answer. I really start to flip out at this point, thinking all hope was lost, we were several states away, and that we were going to have to sleep in his truck that night. We finally found someone who knew where she was, and we drove around trying to find it. As we were leaving, I thought I saw it, and told him to turn around. He pulled a U-turn in the middle of the road, tires were squealing, and he spun out right in front of a campus police officer. The cop pulled up beside us and asked what we were doing. I looked at him and said we were lost, trying to find a friend in a residence hall. He asked which one, and Jon talked to him for a little while, then he led us there, but we still had no clue which one she lived in. Luckily she pulled up behind us after the cop led us there, we got out of the car and were so happy we found her. Things started going better after that, we smoked massive amounts of pot that night from all kinds of bongs and pipes, and all night all the girls' eyes looked satanic. Every girl I looked at, her eyes would roll into the back of their head, then turn yellow, spin around and have black slits going down the middle. They would look at me and grin, and their teeth would grow sharp points. Then they would laugh and go back to normal. This happened all night long. We went from apartment to apartment at this college hanging out with everyone playing video games and smokin herb. We drove around to get some food, but couldn't find a place that was open, and eventually just went back to her dorm, and watched some TV. I sat back thinking why all the girls' eyes looked so evil, and I can still vividly remember them. I smoked a cigarette, watched the light show behind my eyelids, and went to sleep after about a 9 hour trip. It was frickin awesome.