Story 173

I sat up at the top of the hill where I could see all the city lights melt into the relfection of Utah Lake onto the stars above in endless FRACTALS protruding beautiful FRACTALS everywhere pulsing, growing...knowing the time is now, will always be now, and forever the past and future FRACTALLED into one. "Where do I want to be when the sun comes up?" Peircing! Penetrating! It must be solved! FRACTALS! EVERYWHERE! And this was just the beginning. I have been stareing at the very place I want to be when the sun comes up without realizing it, then realizing it, and then melting at the revelation of it...crystalized...FRACTALIZED! Now my course is set. A course that will see me at the most beautiful place I can think of when the sun comes up over the mountains to warm everything with her rays...making love to everything with her FRACTALS of warming light! A climax I must wait for, be patient for, holding inside the pressure until the blinding light of her touch courses through me, over me, FRACTALS me. "Where do I want to be when the sun comes up?" The temple. The journey takes me through the huge FRACTALS of mountainous terrain, and vegetation at night under starlight, and city illumination. The journey is one of faith. I know where I want to be. I see it physically before me...miles, and miles away through countless FRACTALS, but I am apart of this huge FRACTAL, and find that in so knowing this I was taken directly to the backyard of the house that belongs on the very street that leads directly to the Temples East side where I will await the coming of the sun to shout in all FRATALLED GLORY, "HOLINESS TO THE LORD!" The light of dusk grows ever so intensley in the Eastern gentle in it's FRACTALLED ways you would never notice otherwise. The Temple glows with the light of morning...serene, calm, tranquil as the blue and purple mirroring eachother in the sky and on the building...FRACTALS. The temple is the morning! The morning is the seperations in this revealing FRACTAL! We are all waiting for the sun to come and for her to make love to us with her FRACTALS of light. Patient. Calm. Loving everything and everyone...all of her. FRACTALS! Everything is becoming more and more intense. The pressure to relax and melt into everything and everyone is growing harder to hold. Patience. Calm...control. I walk across the road to the Temple soaking into the climbing extacy of completing my journey that will inevitably be the completion of one FRACTAL into a much larger, and more intense part of the same everlasting FRACTAL that touches all, loves all, sees all... A white fence and glowing marble pillars grace the boundary of the Temple. Solid. Strong. Beautiful FRACTALS of strength and decoration to the FRACTALS inside. It is decoration, rather than a means to keep people out, or things in. A decoration that keeps nothing in or out, but a completion to a FRACTAL we made! This Temple! Stone. Wood. Metal. Mortar. Strong. Solid. Confident in it's encompassing FRACTALS. I walk around to the opening gates and stop. Did I even ask myself if I was worthy? This didn't even enter my mind. I stopped to concentrate on the growing intensity of this intensely personal FRACTAL I was going to make love to. Pulsing pressure growing with the Rocky Mountains FRACTALLING down to the very fence of the Temple, and on inside with greatest of detail FRACTALLING up and up to the tip of the bronze angel above with his horn announcing the coming of God. I look at my hands. Short, stubby, dirty, clumsy, gentle. loving...I love my hands! They can touch everything my eyes feel...they are mine, and have been used for good. I rub them together feeling their warmth, showing my gratitude for them, and I step inside. I am home. My steps are slow. I am barefoot, and my feet are badly cut. I examine them with sorrow promising them i will take better care of them from now on. I love my feet, and walk on. The sun is still far from arriving, but the early morning clouds are highlighted with the approaching climax. The pressure inside my body hurts now. It is desperate to be released, but I know it is not yet...I must wait for the sun to come. All the FRACTALS stay in order as long as I hold the pressure in. If I relax the pressure is released and I FRY in a myraid of melting FRACTALS...they love it, and want me to make love with them. I want to, but I know there is a better place... Pain. I concentrate on the peace of being here, and not the FRACTALS that consume my mind. I walk in never ending circles almost begging the sun to come to release this pressure. much pain! Relax. NO! Must wait! Must show her how much this moment means to me! The Temple is so full of beauty. The colors are alive, and I can see their voices, and understand their colors as they talk to me, and tell me they are waiting to make love with the sunrise as well. We are all patiently waiting...waiting to make love with the sun. We all know it is just a matter of time...she will come, and when she comes the FRACTAL we all belong to will illuminate a climax so satisfying and sensual to be the most intense part of this eternal FRACTAL for time and time to come. PAIN! THE PRESSURE! PLEASE GOD LET HER COME! LET HER COME! My whole body shakes with the pressure, and I am unable to hold it any longer....I see the blinding rays of the sun come over the lower peaks of the mountains to the North, and I relax...I relax...I relax...nothing. Nothing at all. One big mass of goo. Everthing melts, and I feel wonderful! The pain is gone replaced by a wonderful, calm, satisfied exultion, but then I bring it all back into focus...into being. I build the FRACTALS back to their original design and I find myself in a pool of warm, wet, urin! URIN! I peed my pants! What are people going to think of me. This is what I should have thought, but there was no shame, no embarrassment, no wrong. Just another part of the FRACTAL. The sprinklers suddenly come on, and without thinking about it I walk through them in figure eights soaking myself to the skin, cleaning myself...babtizing feels so good! So pure! So heavenly and divine. I had just made love with everything and everything had made love to me! Dripping wet, tired, exalted, and full of unconditonal light and love I walk back to where my pool of Urin stood in a mess of FRACTALS. I sit, and my urin is washed away with the excess of my water in ribbons of electric blue, and purple light. FRACTALLED! With complete peace in all the known FRACTALLED world I watch the sun rise up over the mountains in shimmering, brilliant, and blinding light. "Hi." I bow my head, and smile...unsure at the voice I will hear. The light waves shimmer in a world of voices I cannot understand, but the feeling is one of intense, unconditonal love. My salvation lies at rest. I know her, and feel her love for me over and over and over again. I bow and stare down at my tan body in a white tank top with dark blue pants that move and pulse with the Mandelbrot Lake coursing like gears in vivid blue and electric red all over my legs...making love to my legs....lovingly...tenderly. Voices of sensual exstacy! I now hear another voice, one I haven't heard for a long's my own, but the voice of the woman that was taken from my soul when I became mortal...FRACTALS! FRACTALS! She made love to me there on the temple grounds with the most gentle and caring touch. I felt so whole! So perfect!! Clumsy, dirty, gentle, full of love and creation...a walking FRACTAL! Eternal, constantly changing, no beginning, and certainly no ending.