Story 174

I'd had one previous experience with acid before the real thing, at the time I thought the ,low grade that I had done was fairly intense but looking back it was nothing to what was gonna come next - over a year later. I'll set the scene - Stevenage a hole of a town north of London England. I'd just walked out of work an hour early cus i was gettin bored and wanted to go out for a drink, It's about 8.30 and I'm walking towards the old town (old village of stevenage - tons of pubs) I go into our regular drinkin spot expecting to see all my mates as usuall , but no something strange is goin down, I walk up the high street to the major drugs spot and walk through a crowd of people to see my mates and a couple of other guys we kinda new at the times, I asked them what they were doin and they replied that they had purchased a few acids each and were goin round Chad's , Now that kinda pissed me of a little bit - just walkin outta work and everyones leavin, so i have a chat with Chad who propmtly offers to sell me some acid an let me trip with everyone else round his place. I jumped at the offer an before long we were dropping them and headin for the bus station. We caught the bus about twenty minutes after droppin, and I was already feeling the affects, I was sitting on the bus and I needed a cigarette so badly so i decided to roll - now this process normally quite simple proved a challenge spilling tobacco all over the bus and falling over (I'd had a few beers) i was begining to make a fool of myself, well we jumped of early so we could pick up a quarter ounce of pot and headed back to chad's, Now this introduction may seem a bit long winded seeing as this is where things start to get crazy. Chad happened to have quite an extensive collection of the most trippy fuckin music ever, certain phrases repeated it felt like they were being drilled into our head - 'When time becomes a loop' repeated for about half an hour goes into 'what happens when time becomes a loop' whithout anyone noticing then suddenly the same monotone computerised sounding voice 'Even a Stopped clock tells right time twice' we spent a long time trying to figure this out and eventually did but this was just a sideline to what I began to see. I acquired an amazing ability, a skill which I could tell no one else knew how to use in the room. I could phase my body and mind and mould them into shapes sounds and eventually different places of the room giving me an outer body experience without moving , the term outer body experience cannot even begin to describe the way I felt, I could warp my mind to different objects of the room and instantly the mood would change, I can't remember all the objects but i'll to list a few and their "properties" The Lava Lamp - calm no one talks, start to swim in metalic globules inside your mind.The Gas mask - people start chatting more someone will then put the mask and smoke a joint through it, Now this stage is only 1 - 2 hours after taking the trip, Yes i know what your thinking fucking hardcore acids freshly dipped, Well at this point friends of Chad come in and proceded to have a kinda fight involving throwing a ot of water over each in front of us which sent everyine into fits of laughter. One of them decides to join us and drops one too. We decided to go to his house and pick up a bong so take the route via the allnight garage, we walk to the garage and everyone except me promptly enters and almost everyone who walks in turns around and walks straight back out again looks at me and says good idea (I knew if i went in there i'd end up doin something stupid) After the remaining few leave the garage Mark looks at me looks at Mike looks at his big bottle at coke he just walked out with and says "did I buy" this now this for some reason seemed incredibly funny that no one could figure out wether or not he had actually shop lifted the garage but we didn't really care anyway. We got the bong (3 foot'er) and walked back with it , things for me started to get a bit weird mark and Mike started saying "Did you set that up " to everyone freakin us all out and I needed to take a piss so badly. I said this and everyone replies take a piss them I look at them like their mad and go oh yeah walk off i'm about to take a piss right and look down and notice i'm standing in someones front yard, this happens about 5 or 6 times until i manage to get myself together find a place start to take and i'm still standing there 5 minutes - I mean i'm not gonna dwell on this subject cus it's not too pleasant but I seriously couldn't tell wether or not i was still urinating i thought i'd only been standin there for 5 seconds. Eventually we got back to Chad's and this is where the Visuals really started - having a couple of bongs on the skunk rushed me out totally. Now i was used to slight shut eye visuals and the tracers from my previous acid experiance and pills, but what came next i was not prepared neither was anyone else in the room. Full on visuals i'm not talkin about weird colour shit (allthough there was plenty of that too) I'm talkig about the shit where you see someones face turn into an Orange right before yours I could project my inner web outwards and see anything.......I lost control A monotone voice my head saying your losing your mind hold on hold on your losing your mind hold on hold on. Then flash back to reality "Hey man are you Ok" "Yeah man I'm fine just trippin my tit's off " "ALLLRRIIGGHT" It seemed that the acid was doing this to everyone drowning you trips to the points where you hold onto sanity by a string then pulling out for breath just long enough for you to remember who and where you are and then forcing you to dive back in again. It all culminated in one final trip........I was in Fucking Vegas i mean be over 2000 miles away from where i actually was but anything slighly light or luminous suddenly but somehow slowly shone out in the room to a neon glow. My friends clothes and faces transformed into the neon signs above the casinos and I was rushing down the streets at about 2000 miles per hour And the voice was there again he was an observer all ways watching me I somehow knew he had always been there my whole life watching me like a film that had suddenly got interesting now he was talking to me again "Death in Vegas....Death in Vegas.....Death in Vegas. Now this trip may have started well but it didn't end so great Chad freaked and threw us out we walked back to Mikes how I don't know because over 3 miles in distance and about 4 to walk but we got there and we didn't stop walking once. Once back at Fat Mikes We all sat down had a cigarette and tripped out staring at the ceiling which was rather trippy we were all coming down by now. The next I woke thought back and decided to buy another took a quarter in the bath that afternoon which chilled me a bit and took the other three quarters down the pub I ended giving it to a friend who had ran out of luck and couldn't