Story 175

I was just settling into the passenger seat of my best freind Steve's car when a hand popped out from behind me. Judging from the placement of the hair folicals on his arm, I guessed it was my other friend, Jon. His hand was a container for what would soon be my destruction. The doses I had bought off of Mr. X. I use the name Mr. X because our dealer is so fucking paranoid that he wont even go into the light. Anywayz, Jon's hand contained two four-way window paine hits. I graciously took them and dropped them right there. In 15 minutes I started to feel this kind or robotic line of thought go through my head. Something like: Startup initialized.... Accessing file... Access granted. Authentication protocals... Active Weapons systems... Active Global communications... Link established. Command> Query Accessing query protocols... Query entity: Jonathan Query subject: Cooler Ranch Doritos Running query... failed At this point my entire feil of vision was filled with "Welcome to Windows 98." Then I heard some german guards say "Releaze ze hounds!" and I took off running. Seeing as how there were Nazi's with pit bulls chasing after me I sure wasn't gonna stay home.I needed to get to the opening of the large bottle that I was. Then I was standing in front of a police staion at 8:00 p.m. (two hours into my trip) staring at the heelicopter. Maybe 5 cops walked up to me and asked what I was doing I said something like "Name, Frank, Press affiliation, Helicopter needing repairs because of Saudi missle attack." and it seemed to work somehow! Your guess is as good as mine. After standing there staring at the helicopter for like 15 or 20 minutes, I just walked away. Somehow I managed to shake the nazi's and the cops in one night. I was pretty happy abput that. Then my freind found me and gave me this pill that looked kinda like nyquil and told me "Lookin' for some ducks to chew on, smoked too much smoke, cant handle seeing the letter K. This tab is filled with the letter C." It made sense and I completely understood what he was trying to tell me. He was trying to say "I have a tab of liquid vitamin C you should take it." So I took the pill along with various other solid pills that were vitamin C. I took 8 vit. C pills and 1 of those liquid caps. The next thing I remember is the sun beating down on my naked skin (at midnight) and the fact that someone was spraying me with a firehose. I had gotten naked, and walked to a school and broke into one of those firehose boxes and turned it on. It was kind of like a mobil geiser which was kinda kool to me. Then I kinda realized I was naked and ran back home to get dressed. Got home and my mom was there. Here I am 5 hours into an intense ass fry that should last at least another 4 hours, naked, cold, nervous, and now terrified. I, once again to my surprise, got into my house without being detected. And got dressed in some fresh new clothes then for some reason I had a rumble in my stomach (no one told me vitamin C gives you diarreah. I then just stayed in my house until at about 3 in the morning, when 3 guys kicked down my door and started talking about a mental hospital. I went to Ward B in San Bernardino for about 72 hours then I was transferred to juvinile hall for 3 years for some shit I pulled earlier that week. That's my L story, the crazy thing is I wanna do fry again! If you have A question or comment gimmee a Holla at