Story 176

Summer of 2000 my friends were having a mush party. I never did mush or anything but weed before but I was getting kinda bored with weed. So being the dumbass I was I did 6G's and the Cap for my FIRST TIME!! Well we smoked a joint right after we ate the shrooms and thats when it hit. Everything seemed so different and nothing made sense to me. I got out of the car and just started to walk around looking at everything because it was so warped. My buddies had to pull me back into the car and then we headed to the party. Well it was around my peak when we got there. I was in my own world, people would try and talk to me but I couldn't understand what they were saying. It would just keep echoing in my head over and over again. At one point I couldn't handle the trip so I went to the bathroom for some water and to get away from everyone. Big mistake because the bathroom was the scariest thing ever. The walls were closing in on me and the mirriors were vibrating and when I looked at myself I didn't even recognize who I was staring at. well I sat on the floor of the bathroom and just looked around fucked out of my mind. It only seemed like I had been in there for a few minutes when my buddies busted the door open and came in the bathroom all worried. It turns out I was in the bathroom for 1 HOUR!! I was so messed up I was staring at the walls for one hour. At that point my bad trip was tripping everyone else out so I left with my friends. Once I got outside I felt so much better and happier and the bad trip went away. I doubt I will do shrooms again but I will stick to XTC and Weed. Take it easy and RAVE HARD!!!