Story 177

here's a story of mine from not too long ago....

About a month ago in March my friend and i got some bomb ass acid for cheap from my other friend. When i got it i dosed immediately because i was mad excited because it was only my 5th time tripping and i only got minimal visuals with the other stuff i took. but anyway, i dose and not 10 minutes later i felt it stronger than ever. my friends and i didn't have a way home from a street we hang out on so we thought, "hey we're tripping lets ride the bus" (luckily we didn't cuz that would have spun me into a dark, bad trip). So we walk down to the terminal where mad graffiti is and i sat and stared for like 30 minutes at the graffiti...then...i peaked. The strongest damn acid i have ever taken in my life and i was in public peaking. We then got sane for a moment and went back to the street where we hang out. on the way there my friend who was walking behind me said, "Hey your leg fell off." I looked back and i saw my damn leg on the ground. I reached down real quick and luckily, My leg was still there. then i looked down at my ECko shoes, and the rubber sole on the bottom fell off. I picked it up looked at it and glued it back on. the next day after falling asleep around 5 AM i wake up and put my shoes on. My sole had never came off. That was the best acid i have ever taken in my life. - Bru