Story 178

This is the most recent account I have had with psylocybic mushrooms. Around mid-march of 2000 My friend had gotten word of a shitload of mushrooms that the local dealer had gotten. My friend knew the guy pretty well, so we got a good deal. What happened was when my friend went to negotiate the transaction of mushrooms, he had told the dude "three for $60. But three what? My friend assumed the guy could read his mind and intended three 1/8 oz. sacks. But the guy gave him three 1/4 oz. sacks. We were stoked! Got back to my buddies's house around 11:00 PM. We ate them almost immediately. Since I had eaten another 1/4 oz. sack of shrooms in small amounts, in the last 30 hrs, and I knew that the body quickly developed a tolerance for psylocybin, the hallucinogen in the shrooms I decided to eat the whole 1/4 oz. sack (twice the normal amount of an already substantial trip.)After a bong load the ceiling started to pool and swirl. The wood grain in my friends cabinet were liquid. The pinkish couch glowed and radiated an aura. All speech was contorted and backward. I found my friend's gibberish to be pretty hilarious, and went on laughing about nothing. Then i started to just drift off onto my own plane. I was babbling things about Jim Morrison. I told my friend an indian sprit had just leaped into my soul. I had so much energy. I tried to convince my friend to take me someplace. I wanted to roam around the wilderness near his house. But luckily he concluded that that was a really bad idea. I felt like I was going insane. I was gnawing on the arm of his couch. I ripped a hole in it. I tried to break a plastic number thing he had but he took it away. Then I turned around and ripped poster off of his wall. I had no clue what I was doing. My buddy got pretty bent and went into the bathroom. His little brother found him there in the dark talking to no one. Soon after that he came back into the room and was freaked out because he thought I was possessed by Jim Morrison or something. He tried to shock me back into reality by yelling at me and generally giving me a good pummeling. At this point I got scared that my buddy had gotten so hostile. He went upstairs, I crawled onto the top bunk to watch some TV. I was on a totally different psychic frequency than the rest of the world. Relative space and time dissolved. I had thought the world ended and I wasn't on earth anymore. I was slipping through various dimensions of time, similar to the end of "2001 Space Odyssey." I don't remember anything for a few minutes here. When I came to, I was scratching my eye, but it was as if I was poking my finger through my head into my brain. I got off of the bed. It was totally dark. I didn't know where my friend was. I turned on a light. At the time I thought I has pissed myself. But later was informed that it was merely bong-water. It was truly a psychedelic experience of significant proportion. I saw time and reality melt away. The only thing left was the empty void of deep space. I had attained a higher consciousness. My friend on the other hand, he was hiding in the corner of his living room under a blanket. He would come in to his room intermittently to close and open shades, turn lights off, and look outside like he was seriously paranoid. He also thought I was possessed and totally freaked out. A few weeks later we found out the shrooms were laced with methamphedimine. I will never forget this experience, and look forward to my future journeys through space and time and reality.