Story 179

Well, my friend had just gotten back from the "burning man" festival in the Nevada desert, which is basically a festival based on the freedom of expression. Upon his return he brought home Two vials of mild acid. I had come home from school only to find him and my sister tripping at my house. I had never done the stuff, so I was curious as to what it could do. Well, I took a few drops here and a few drops there, and it all ended up being the equivelent to about 8 liquid acid hits. For about the first 3 hours I sat on my second story balcony in my apartments, and as it started to get dark the acid began to kick in. The night sky was an array of millions of twinkling stars, all different sizes and shapes. The blackness of the sky itself was turning from blue to green, it looked like aurora borialis. I looked to my right, and the stucco on the wall was all melting together, and I looked at a crease on my pants and they were waving. I went inside, and my friend says to me "look at the time, we've been frying for a couple hours now." I looked at the clock and the hands were moving incredibly fast, as if the hours were flying by. We decided to go to the pool and get some sodas, so we went to the pool. I opened my can of soda and it spilled out onto the cement, only to evaporate into it before my very eyes. I looked in the pool, and in the deep end I saw what appeared to be four leaf clovers, only they were connected like gears and they were spinning. I heard an unstoppable clicking, so I went inside. The radio was on, and by this time my sister had 3 friends come over, and they had all dropped a couple hits too. It was the first time I heard "come original" by 311, and the music was normal, only the singer seemed to be grunting and babbling gibberish to the music. I sat on the couch, and the walls started to breath, so I went outside. I looked to the pine trees and suddenly the branches were growing towards me, and the pine needles danced around the little branches they were on. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and my sister answered it. It was my neighbor, Joe, who had just gotten off of work. We told him we were frying and he was pissed that there was no more acid. All I remember is that his hair was green and his face looked like a pug. Anyway, after he left my dad called and said he was going to be home in like 20 minutes, So everyone left but my sister and I, and I was tripping my ass off. I went to my room to act like I was asleep, and as I looked at my punisher poster, the shell casings from his gun seemed to fly off the poster and onto my wall. Wolverine's claws seemed to grow as he ran through the jungle. Eventually my dad came home and I acted like I was asleep. I laid there in bed with the lights off, and when I would open my eyes the walls would be a crimson red. The acid wore off, and i didn't get any sleep that night, and school was boring as hell the next day. And that's my first time frying.