Story 18

It was the night after my 15th birthday party and I had 2 of my friends spend the night (Amy & Nikki). She told me that she had had 3 paper hits of acid that day and wonderd if I wanted to drop them with her, so I told her yea. That night at about 11:00 pm we both dropped 2 1/2 hits of acid. At about 11:30 pm we were pretty convinced that we got some bum shit and that we were gonna go and get our money back because it didn't work, but at about 12:00 midnight the ceiling started to flash for me(like an old and white) so I told Amy & Nikki, but Nikki said that she didn't see anything and that I was just imagining it. They started messin with saying there was something on the wall that wasn't there and I wasn't trippin THAT hard so I was like naww...I don't see anything, but everything was STILL funny as HELL! I laughed at anything that anyone said and I thought that Nikki was laughing because it was starting to kick in for her, but I found out later that they were just laughing at me because they thought THAT I WAS FUNNY, not what I saw. At about 2:00 am we moved out to the couch because my mom had come in and said we were being too loud and to go to sleep. By that time everyone was tired, but me. Me and Nikki layed there talking and laffing on the couch for about and hour or so...I had said something about Amy looking like a worm and so Nikki told me to pull her hair, I pulled that girl's hair so hard, but I thought it was the FUNNIEST thang. Also I said that Nikki looked like the fish from Batman the this one episode w/ the Joker and that I wasn't TOASTED I was more FROSTED...she wrote all these funny things that I said down on her arms. After they got tired of me and decided to go to sleep I got up...this was about 3-4 am and I started smoking a pen. I thought that there was smoke coming out of the pen for real. Then I went into the bathroom for about a half an hour and stared at my hand and watched it grow. I got sick of that and started freakin myself out so I walked over to the window and saw all the pretty lights...I wanted Nikki to see them so I called her name and when she wouldn't answer back I stated balling my eyes out!! I came up to Nikki and whipped my tears all over her, but she thought I was bleeding or dieing or something so she was gonna wake Amy up and tell her that she didn't give me anything, but everything was fine. They were tired of me and were annoyed so I tried to go to sleep, but I was unsuccessful. I ended up going back into my room and laying on my bed w/ no covers and staring at my computer screen because that day my friend Zack had put ICP (Insane Clown Posse) on my computer. I stared at it un til morning because ever time I tried to stop looking at it, it would move again. I woke everyone up at about 6 or 7 am and my mom said she had bought orange juice. I thought that that was the funniest thing, but I tried to keep my laughter down so my mom wouldn't notice anything was seriously wrong with me. I had to go to church so I did and there was this girl there from my church and she could tell I was on something so she explained was LSD did to me because I had no idea...after tha t I could feel my brain bleeding on to my spinal collumn. There's this song and dance thang at my church where at the end we all hold hands and sing this song and we were in the balcony so I was just crackin up because everything was so messed up and blurry...back and forth..back and forth...ugh... After this my mom dropped us off at the mall and we looked around. I saw an n'sync poster and they just popped right out..they were right there in front of me, but we left shortly after that 'cuz I was too messed up. We went to subway and there were they preppy girls behind us so I was acting like I was talking on my cell phone and Nikki played along w/ me, but Amy thought I had called someone for real. She was like hey, I need to tell them something so I handed the phone to her and she was like hello..hello..Katie, there's no one there..and I said YOU RUINED MY FANTASY and I smacked her right in subway!!! After that we walked back to my apartment & my mom was gone so we were just here. Me and Nikki were feinding for a cigarette so bad so we called anyone we knew that would bring us one, but no one could come over. I did that until about 8 or so when my mom came home. She took them home and took me to my dad's house. I was so lonley when I got there that I called a whole bunch of people. Then I called Frankie ( my boyfriend at the time) and he had tripped before so he was makin me trip even harder. I saw a goat run across my carpet and the carpet had a food fight too w/ the couch. He was tellin me that my hand could changed colors so I made it change from green to red back to green again. At about 9:00 I fell asleep talking to him and watching Jerry Springer on Talk Soup. I felt stupid for about a week after that. I never wanted to trip alone again.