Story 180

Well this is about the first time i did shrooms. It all started out when a buddy of mine called me and said, "wanna get high?" i'd done cid many a time before and love it, so...Being open-minded as i am i said sure, when i get to his house he hands me a bad of mushrooms and says, "here eat these!"so i put down my beer and start to chow down. It wasn't long before i realized that the beer would help me on this mission since they tasted like shit. it took me about an hour before i started to feel anything. We were sitting on his couch watching tv. All i remember is all the adds. And threatening to throw something at his tv if that stupid jack in the box commercial came on one more time. When it did i picked up his pop-can-pipe and threw. It made a funky sound when it hit the tv and i could see the tracers leading from my hand to where it landed on the floor. I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't hardly talk and i couldn't move. I decided to "be one with the couch." this was also hilarious. While watching Drew Carey there was this guy dressed up as a bee. I was convinced that he was the queen queen. After about four hours i could finally move again. So i decided i needed to go home. On my way home there was a black car following me. And telling me to stop but every time i turned around it would pull over to the side of the road and change colour. When i finally lost the car some people were following me and they were even more fucked up than i was. They were shouting at me to stop and telling me they could see me. but every time i turned around there was no one there. So when i finally got home i decided that if they really wanted to talk to me they knew where a was. When i was going to the bathroom i heard them outside my window laughing at me. So when i went outside looking for a fight, there was no one there. I listened and heard them jumping on my trampoline. Again, when i looked there was no one there. Oh, I forgot, when i was almost home, and i was so sure that there were people following me. I hid behind some trees and waited for them to walk by because i thought that they were trying to hide from me. Needless to say they never walked by. But soon enough i heard them behind me. I turned around and there was some one there. "Who are you?" I shouted at them."Come over here and find out." was the reply that i got. So i walked my trippin ass over and was like "what do you want?" It was then that i realized that it was a couple of old ladies who were talking to each other and had no idea who i was. They looked at me like i was stoned (?) and asked me if i was lost. I told them that i would be fine in the morning and took off. Anyways so i was back at my house making sure that there was no one on my trampoline, when i decided it was all in my head and i just needed to go to sleep. I was trying to sleep on my couch when i heard a car pull up in front of my house. The people in it were talking about how they were watching me sleep. But the joke was on them because i wasn't really asleep at all i could hear them. Ha ha i thought to myself. The next thing i remember is waking up the next morning just in time for school. and noticing that the curtains were closed. (Note to self: first time trips are not cool when you are by yourself.)