Story 181

Well here it goes, me and a hole bunch of my friends dropped acid on our senior skip day. well all dropped it at about 11:30 am and headed up to a local lake to chill out for the day. we were only up there for about an hour when we started to feel the effects. we got really bored there so we left and went to a park downtown. we were all trippen pretty good, laughing non-stop, we were laughing about the stupidest shit to. then we all decided to go on that ride that twirls around and around. we stayed on for about an hour straight but never got sick. after that we were all just sitting and chillin when this guy who was walking his dogs came over and started talking to us. it was pretty weird but then i noticed that the guys arm was huge but only one of his arms. he had one huge Popeye arm. i thought i was seeing it at first because of the acid but it was real. it really freaked me out. my one friend just laid on the ground whispering Popeye for like 10 min straight. then we all left and went to burger king, some advice, never eat when you are tripping really good, the food was crazy looking and it was making all of us sick to our stomachs. one friend of mine went to order a drink and she laughed in the face of one of the workers for like 10 min straight. she had no clue what the hell she was doing. now we end up at one of our houses just smoking a bowl. its been about 7 hours that we have all been trippen for. i was sick of it, i wanted to stop trippen, my abs hurt from laughing so much, and i was tired. then we piled in the car, went for a drive, mooned a bunch of construction workers and me and two of my other friend went back to the lake, just us, we sat there in quietness and just listened, the lake was gorgeous, but at the same time frightful. i was scared but also happy to be there. i didn't really see many visuals that trip, it was more of a reality trip, its hard to explain. but it was fun, and i will always remember it. oh yeah one more thing, that day some crazy lady was following us, she just sat in her car and watched us like every step of the way! Freaky, huh?