Story 182

Greetings, fellow mind expanders and hapless trippers. My name is Chris. As of now I only have tripped twice with a third session planned for the 18th of August. Before I ever got into any drugs other than weed, I was preppy drunk dude. That all changed a while ago when I started using ecstasy. Of course, I took my first ecstasy pill reluctantly while under heavy peer pressure to do so. This was my first experience with a "hard drug" as our misguided society calls them. Somehow it turned out that I experienced this drug for the first time in a strip club with absolutely no one that I knew there to take care of me if I freaked out. Fortunately for me, my body seems to handle this drug very well as I have no problem maintaining my sanity while I'm on it. The experience changed my life and would eventually lead me to abstaining from alcohol completely. With this new found lease on life, I've begun to explore new methods of creating an altered state of consciousness. I like to call it mind expanding to see reality differently from the way that we've all been conditioned to see it since birth by our narrow minded society. At this point in my life I'm glad to say that I've become, what we call in the United States, an "experienced roller". That is a person who has had lots of experience with ecstasy. Being open minded now because of my experience with ecstasy, I decide to branch out to try some other psychedelic drugs. Enter acid. I was given my first opportunity to try this drug at a rave. I had spent my whole night rolling on ecstasy at this point and I was coming down. A dealer with some acid approached me and asked if I wanted some LSD. I excitedly pulled out my money and eagerly took the 1&1/2 hits. Like my first experience with ecstasy this trip was gonna be done without the company of someone else trippin with me. After I first started feeling the tingling in my jaw, I knew this had to it. I was trippin! I tripped for 13 hours with no visuals stronger than tracers, but I did notice that I had this warm fuzzy feeling about me. You know, I was just feeling good about myself. With this experience under my belt I was determined to try it again. My only problem arose when I found out how short the supply of acid is in the area I live at. Two weeks after this experience I found myself in the techno club that I frequently visit on Saturday nights. I had my usual ecstasy experience and I just happened to run into some girls that I knew from raves and this club. The first time I ever met them they were trippin, so I was sure they would know where to find some acid at. Luckily for me one of them had taken a liking to me and was more than eager to invite me to their little acid party after the club closed. We got over to the house around 5:30 AM and there were quite a few people there. At this time the guy who had the acid broke out a sheet and they went around the room selling it to all the people there. I bought 4 hits, because I knew I was gonna need some for this rave coming up. It seemed like after we all bought our acid most of the people left. I guess all they were interested in was getting it. We had 7 people to start this trip with. I took one hit while some of the others took up to 6 hits. I started getting that warm fuzzy feeling again and I felt good. Sometime around 7:00 AM they called someone that they knew well. This was a woman that works as a surgeon at one of the hospitals here. Can you believe the kind of people that are into trippin? Yeah it trips me out sometimes too. When she made it home, they divided the rest of the sheet evenly and handed it out for free. There was one stipulation. We had to eat what we were just given, because we had started a trip as a group and these people were determined to have an experience. We were now up 9 people, 3 women and 6 guys, but these individuals were well adjusted drug users as they frequently go to raves and clubs. With 2 more hits in me I started trippin hard. We all sat around a table and talked for a while. One of the guys that lived there had cut some pictures of clowns out of the paper to show one of his roommates how scary they really are. Unfortunately, we discovered these after we were well into our trip. Imagine looking at a bunch of pictures of clowns while you're trippin. One of the pictures completely fascinated one of the girls that was trippin with us, because the clown had its face painted in such a way that it looked like it had no mouth not to mention the fact that it had a silly name like "Chiquollina" displayed in the caption below. She stared at this picture off an on all day, and it came up in our conversation off and on for 13 hours. This girl had to be our biggest source of entertainment while we were on this trip as she said one silly thing after another about the clown in the picture and their visit to Las Vegas. We all laughed so hard it hurt. I think this was the point I started to realize that there is a psychotic side to trippin, because the smile on this girl's face started to remind me of the Joker's smile. The Joker is a character out of Batman stories. The Joker always has a permanent smile on his face and he's also a villain. He kills and robs people and that's how he met Batman, you know. Anyway if there is one way to describe the smile on the Joker's face it's psychotic. This blonde headed girl had the smile of the Joker on her face. After I realized this, thoughts of blood and gory accidents went through my mind. I took the first opportunity I could to go the rest of my trip alone. I left them at 2:00 PM and made a little visit to the mall. Seeing all those funny people running around made me realize that while I am trippin that I am actually probably clinically insane. The drug messes with your mind so much that if someone didn't know you were trippin they would think you belong in an insane asylum. Anyway, I am more attracted to this drug now than ever. To see reality the way an insane person does can do alot for a person's mind I think. Insane people are some of the smartest ones out there. It was them that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Some people say that acid is just plain crazy, but I think we can learn something from our self induced temporary insanity trips.

Yours Truly, Christopher