Story 183

Well, here I am tripping again... Funny how you can never quit isn't it? This time I'm just on acid and, although acid is pretty much the only drug that I take at the moment, I still kinda' miss those days when me and a friend of mine would chug a couple of cough syrup bottles to get high. Man, that's a mean fucking trip! I spent about four months in Jerusalem at one stage of my life, and it was there that the glory of cough syrup hit us in the face. I was eighteen (as was my friend) and we'd both knocked off two and a half bottles in order to get to what the Internet FAQ sheet called 2nd plateau. After about two hours of barely managing to hold it all down, my stomach relinquished the effort and the second sink to the right in the Greenberg Building bathroom, Kiryat Moriah has never been the same since. Naturally, I figured that it wasn't going to hit me, so in order to still have a full night I dropped a "heart" trip. Well, needless to say: it hit me. How can I describe Jerusalem? Beautiful stony architecture, antiquated shops, elaborate market places... not to mention those heads coming out of walls, the steps that grow before your very feet, and the old religious shop-owners whose heads are nothing but eyes. It was one hell of a night in the holy land.