Story 184

ok so i dropped a 5 strip at my girlfriends house and i didnt tell anyone, so as soon as it kicked i put in the Wall and made everyone watch it, i was trippin too hard cause i couldnt stop laughin, so i got up and left the room. my girlfriend follawed to see what was wrong so i just said i wasnt feelin good. then i went back to watch tv and the movie was over and they had the tv shut off. i was pissed cause i wanted to watch it but when i get fucked up i dont bitch about anything for some reason, so i just sat there with them. the reason i didnt tell them i was trippin in the first place was cause they were all born again christians, and they woulda preached to me. but anyways, i was just sittin there lookin at somethin on the table and i saw a few smurfs, and one of em had a sheet and he held it up and was like "want some more?" i said yeah really loud and everyone looked at me, even though i didnt remember they were there anymore, but then the smurf was like " you can have it if you catch me" so without thinkin i just dove at him. he was real fast, and i chased his lil blue ass for like a good 20min before my friends stopped me and hel me down and told me i was ok and shit...but when they let me go i saw him again so i got really pissed and got up, but then i fell and thats all i member, cause i blacked out when i fell, like i hit my head or somethin they say...all i know is it was really fun!