Story 19

Okay- it was my first trip ever. I was in ninth grade at a new highschool. I met this hellof cool girl who introduced me to this great world of PSYCHADELIC drugs. I took the acid at lunch and the trip hit me 1/2 an hour into my last period class. Just my luck- that day of ALL days we had 2 cops and a sheriff come in and talk to us for two hours on drugs. Fuck- what am i going to do?i thought. I had never tripped before and i wasn't with my friend who i dropped with. I was new to the town and i had only one friend in that class, so i was freaking out about getting caught and having noone to help me out. Half an hour into the "Demonstration", as this gigantic glass case of all kinds of drugs was being passed around, my legs began to shake and un-controlably twitch- i tried breathing slowly to calm myself down, but the thought of my legs moving without me making them was hillarious to me! I could not stop giggling. My histerical laughter caught the attention of all three cops in there. I started to panick- there was a cop to my left, one in front of me and one behind me. Panick struck me and i was planning my escape route out of the class room, but that quickley passed (about ten seconds into my little paranoia attack). I resumed the sence of comfortableness and decided that if i was gonna be stuck in there for two hours i might as well get comfortable. So i in-buttoned my pants! That was the most hillarious thing to me and i started laughing uncontrollably! but i didn't care if anyone noticed me- i was having fun! My one and only friend in that class began humming to herself and i (shouting of course) told her that "she could read my thoughts" and that what she was singing was the Jetson's original theme song. I began singing what i thought was a duet with her (just a bunch of off-tune humming) while the cops and teacher and the rest of the class stared at me and laughed under their breaths. One guy turned around and said" You are fuckin trippin!" that was the most offensive thing to me so I decided to growl at him. (because in my acid-filled mind, growling was like the worst and meanest possible thing you could ever do to someone). I managed to calm myself down because by that time i was convinced that the cops were "signing" or doing some little morose code to eachother as a "plan" to get me after school. As soon as the bell rang i hauled my ass out of there and met with my friend who was also on acid. We laughed together for about ten minutes before realizing that our ride (her dad) was waiting for us. Me,riding in the back seat and her in the front of their car- I was fanscinated at the "magic" of seeing her through the side-view mirror. Then she starts lip-singing to a country song sung by a man and i just could not contain myself anylonger so i start cracking up. Her dad found out and he was totally cool about it...Later that was halloween and my friend was grounded so we made up an "ingeniouse" story to tell her parents to let me spend the night- I won't go into that but let me tell you that it was such bullshit and no-one bought it. We were screwed i thought, but somehow we got our way. Anyway, we walked to this little dirt feild and smoked a dub between us and let me tell you we were FUCKED up. I was wearing a french maid-costume that i had borrowed and my shoes were way too small. Walking a long trying to balance myself on a curb, i was terrified of my dad driving by me, so every car that drove by i'd duck and cover. After what i thought was a few hours we met up with our friends and walked to Mc.Donalds. These two big black men were there and staring at me- so i thought they were secret agents spying for kids on drugs. I of course, made a fucking idiot out of myself and fell against the soda machine a few times and sat down on the little screen-thing that caught the extra soda, nearly breaking the whole thing. Needless to say we got the hell out of there and the rest of the night kicked ass. We got home at god knows what time the next morning- the costume i had borrow was demolished- scuffed shoes, ripped nylons, holes all over the dress and my hair looked like i'd been through a hurricane. That was the scariest tripp in my entire life, but of course i'll always remember it fondly because it was my first. All in all that night was hella cool. I look forward to many more tripps in my life. I hope you enjoyed my story and didn't think it was too lame! :)