Story 3

It was a cool late summer night when I and 2 friends, Tim and Mike decided to drop our last pyramid gels. We each had 2, and after a little bit of sitting around in Tims house we felt the zippy jitters, said bye to his hippy parents (who knew what was up) and ventured out into the mad mad suburbs. We walked around for about 20 minutes when the full effects of the two pyramids kicked in... KABOOOM! It was very rainbowey, with crystal clarity and slimy melty drippy sounds intermixed with everything. It was more than we were expecting, but by no means more than we had done in the past. We were getting thirsty after walking through a couple neighborhoods, so we headed to king soopers. Once inside, we realized the extreme understated effects we were getting in the dark outside.. Now under full light, we saw the truth. The grocery store was an incredible array of bright contrasting colors and symbols. The second thing we noticed was the 100% lack of employees. (It was late, but..) So we walked around and eventually saw a guy who looked like a Super Punch out Character shelving macaroni. We almost cracked up, so we quickly walked away. Now feeling very uncomfortable, we searched for drinks, and we eventually found the drink aisle, and after some difficulty managed to come to a desceision. We brought them up to the checkout stand, and no one was there. We waited 5 minutes, still no one came. We were about to walk out with the drinks when a short elf looking woman walked out with a half burned head and a completely white eye. I about freked out inside, but I realized it was just a hallucination. Half way through the transaction, I could clearly tell however... THIS WAS NO HALLUCINATION!!! She really looked like that. At first I was scared, but then she was so nice to me that I felt really bad about it and told her to have a nice night, then we got the hell out of there. Then we walked to a local golf course, and started chilling on the grass, looking at stars and chatting. Suddenly out of no where, a girl ran up to us, stopped, and then ran off as fast as she could. We puzzled over this for a few minutes. Shortly after, from the dark we heard "DON'T MOVE OR WE'LL RELEASE THE DOGS!!" Time Stopped Then the lights of a Jeep Cherokee cop wagon turned on... Pointed perpendicular to us about 100 yards away. The cops were busting some other kids on the golf course. We didn't know if the cops, or the kids knew of our prescence, so we stayed low to the ground, and stayed quiet. We sat for 10 minutes and watched 8-10 kids all call thier parents from the cops cell phone, then we watched as 8-10 EXTREMELY PISSED OFF parents came to pick up their kids. We were going nuts with hillarity, but we decided to take off because the cops were almost done with the kids, and we didn't want to be next. So we went back to Tim's house and were walking around inside when... click! All power goes out. We are completely in the dark and fumbling around.. Finally Tim found a flashlight, and we made our way outside with a blanket and some food. We went into his 'neighborhood community backyard' kind of thing, and had a 3am picnic on the grass. Just then, we saw 5 guys climb the fence and run with flashlights right towards us. Then they turned, and started digging near a fence. One guy held the light, 2 guys dug, and the other 2 went back for some more supplies. This was looking very suspicious, thankfully none of them had seen us. Finally the guys hit something and one of them grabbed some tools out of the box. He went to work down the hole while the others stood lookout. They were in there for about 20 minutes. Then the guy in the hole yelled "Got it!" and he climbed out with something in his hand. They filled the hole and got out of there quickly. For a few minutes we were too scared to move, so we hung tight. Then, when we were sure they had left, we ventured over to the hole..............dug with our hands............hit something metal....................cleared out the rubble.............and it was: The power company box. They just restored power to the neighboorhood. They were in and out so quickly, becuse god damn, who wants to be working at 3am? We laughed for at least 20 minutes about that, went inside, smoked a bowl and crashed. The next day we found out that the kids that got busted on the golf course were Mike's brother and his friends!! Hah hah! The perfectly ironic ending to a crazy ass night! See ya!