Story 31

Alright, this is the best trip i have ever been on, or ever will be on. Me, 2 friends, A and B were cruising around on a friday night, we found out that someone had triple-dip in town, and we were there. We each bought 2, and left. We started by getting really drunk, then we dropped both of them. And like some of you may know, its really fun to be around people when your tripping, so we just had to go to a near by city. On our way there, about 20 min later, we weren't feeling it, till we got out on a road to take a piss. We got out, looked at the sky, but there was no stars there, only a big american flag, waving in the wind. By this time, we knew we were in for it tonight. We got to a house were we knew there was a small party <6-8 drunks> and sat down just messing with everybody. Then, my friends bro pulled out a bag of some really good shit, and we smoked a bowl each. Now i don't know what caused it, but all of the sudden, the 3 of us could only understand each other, and no one else, it all sounded like german or some shit like that. We sat and laughed our asses off till the parents came home, then it was time to leave, and get something to eat. We chose HARDEE's drive through and got in line. But 1 min later, 2 of us tripping saw a guy get out of the car in front of us and start a huge gang war, we started telling the driver to get the fuck out of there, but we were just seeing shit, so he thought we were crazy, we went on trying to make him get out of the gunfire, but he wouldn't. Since he was the driver, we had to stay, so we did, but he was in for his share in a little bit. When your eating and on acid, the thing you do not want to think about is eating worms. So we ate our stuff, and started talking about worms, and what it would be like if the driver would eat them, needless to say, he lost his appetite REAL quick. The whole night was just us listening to music and tripping out hard, but the worst is still to come. We like to listen to manson while tripping so we started jamming to some of it, but an hour later, this was a long ass trip, i went to change the cd, but there wasn't one in there!! We had been listening to static on the radio thinking it was manson, we knew we were fucked then. From there we needed to crash somewhere cause we were running out of gas and money, we chose, like the trip heads we are, the playground. If you have ever sat inside one of those tunnels that are made of yellow plastic, then you know why we picked it. The 3 of us sat in it, and kept talking about why the worm ate us, and if we were still alive!! We thought we were in a damn worm, very cool!! No cool night is gonna be cool without cops of course, i guess someone called in us "anarchist" on school property at like 4:30 in the morning, those crackheads, and the cops showed up with us in the tunnel, had to look bad. But we told them we were up early cause we were going fishing at 5, and we needed the air to wake us up, sounds weird, but it works, try it, might save your ass. The whole night came to a end with us in a black light room, with those glow stars on the ceiling, so, in a way, our night ended as it started, by looking at the stars. SLIPKNOT RULES, AND LEGALIZE--BRENT