Story 32

I'll Keep It Short. It was the 3rd of july I was at a friends drinking because her parents were out of town I was there untill 3 in the morning when I walked home with a friend and he said he was getting acid for the 4th. I said "I'm in".The next day I went to he house and we got 2 ten strips he took 4 hits and I took 2, then we sold the rest to friends we were gonna trip with.We walked like a mile to the bluffs surrounding La Crosse, where I live, then went hiking.I was have a good trip so far.It started to get dark so we got to the top of the bluffs and smoked a couple bowls while waiting for the town to light up with fireworks and as the fireworks went off the wind started picking up and I had the most intense feeling ever.after the fireworks a couple of the people I was with went to smoke a bowl a little while later I went to go find them, I GOT LOST, then fell down like 10 feet,luckily caught myself(p.s. the bluff we were on was like a cliff)and started climbing up.I saw people in front of me and followed them. I came into a clearing with like ten kids standing there and I was so fucked up, the kids go to my school but I only recognized one, they knew I was tripping and totally fucked with my head,then two of them led me back to my friends and we climbed down the bluff.Then I went to some kids house I dont know and smoke mad weed then played Bond for N64 while listening to phat tunes.I was hauling ass and could control my hands(all instincts)we stayed up till 6 in the morning then crashed it was so FUCKING COOL!!!!!Im gonna do it again soon.