Story 33

ok have i got a weird story for you thats all that can be said about it ok check this out it was alice in wonderland mad hatter two and a half in school i was a junior in high school and i took 21/2 hits i took it my second class 20 min before the end i was taking an exam i had three questions left and i started fruiting i looked at the teacher who was no-longer my teacher and now a light blue bunny rabit i freaked out and just looked down then she came up to me and asked for my paper because i was the last one done i looked at her in the eye and she tripped me out really bad her chin started to drip down really really slowly till it was nearly on my desk i just freaked out and gave her my paper she stopped for a second and asked me what was wrong how do you explain to your teacher whats wrong while deeply effected by LSD i didnt know so i told her i was fine and that i just didnt get any sleep and my brain was kinda fliped out she said ok and turned around and hoped away the room got really foggy and everyone's shoes where squeaking really loud non-stop i thouht the whole room was doing it on purpose after i started hearing people talking when no-body was talking a decided i needed to go to the bathroom i went and smoked my last newport and threw my empty pack in the toilet i went back to class and like 5 min. later another kid went to the bathroom when he came back he walked right up to the teacher and i thought he said i went in the bathroom and found a pack of cigaretts and i thought he said i think jon was in there smoking the teacher looked at me and then looked at hima nd said ill talk to him later ....he never said a word to me about it-