Story 34

okay i have a story for you... One friday me and my friend tara were walking around downtown [asheville,nc] and a kid i knew wanted us to find him some acid so we agreed and got a couple of free tabs out of the deal. We later came across a couple we knew two guys kelly and jeremy. We went over to kelly's place which was up the street from the place we got acid from and started out just drinking. We later decided to eat the acid we each ate 1/2 a hit of madhatter a wonderfully delicious type of paper that's very happy. So we giggle and laugh and chill and decide we need more acid to make it a REAL at about 3:00am we finally catch the guys home and purchase 5 more hits which we split up equally. By 4:00 we've just come into peaking time when jeremy bursts into tears and goes into the bathroom and lays down where he's completely non responsive. Tara and i feel uncomfortable cause it seems that the problem lies between these two lovers. So we tell kelly we're going on a walk in the neighborhood. Now let me just tell you a little of the scenery...we were in a neighborhood (that i also live in) right outside of downtown; there's a crackhead neighborhood within our neighborhood but it's mixed in with uppermiddleclass people as well; one of those places with lots of victorian houses that have been repainted and such. we go out walking which we've done thousands of times before; the sky is that amber/purple color the sky gets when it rains and there's lots of light pollution; the clouds were very dark and running across the sky very quickly (this was no hallucination) and there was a thin mist coming down. We walked along admiring the trees and the mist which was rainbow colored *laughs* . The streets were completely deserted so we walked along laughing and screaming like lunatics when we start to leave the crackhead area for the nicer homes. I wanted to continue on cause the scenery was much prettier but tara who always gets paranoid on acid was not familiar with this area and already paranoid saying things like 'this is when people disappear, someones gonna kidnap us' etc, etc. I kept trying to calm her and she wasn't calmer but pretended to be cause i was. So we see this crackhead looking guy about 60ft away and tara's like that guy's gonna get us so i finally agree to turn around. Now the whole time she's been looking over her shoulder; she even thinks she sees a guy hiding under a car at one point. But anyway, she turns around once after we turn the other direction walking back to kelly's and the guy's still there. The second time she turns the guy is 6ft behind me. This look of terror comes over her face and she screams MACKENZIE! (my name). Now this scream could curdle blood REALLY. My heart jumps about 20ft and i turn to see this hooded figure the face all blacked out looking like they're getting ready to raise a hand or a weapon or something. We scream bloody murder and go running like mad back towards the house. Now i was wearing a dress a trenchcoat and 2 in. heels and running as fast as possible but tara quickly got about 10 then 20 then 30 ft in front of me. As we ran i thought i was going to die i was sure; but my life didn't flash before my eyes or anything; i was first just screaming then i thought no you're wasting breath so i was quiet then screamed HELP then RAPE then i remembered someone telling me when in trouble yell FIRE so that's what i did. Then when that didn't work i heard tara yell KELLY so i did too. About that time we get to the house and run in bolting the door. Tara runs and pukes she's so scared; i gag myself a few times then tears fall down my face as i realize what almost happened. Then someone's banging at the door and we're like oh shit what now when we realize it's's the shit......we ran from him. So he says that he went on a walk in the opposite direction (we circled a block before coming towards him) of us. Upon seeing us he says that he was coming up to comment on how pretty it was. But when tara yelled she said my name he knew who it was and what he was doing he tried to scare and didn't attempt to tell us it was him while we ran. It seems like a funny story to a lot of people who hear the story but to us it was a near death experience and we've been forever scarred cause of how events while on acid just seem to stick more. I can still clearly remember how i felt at that moment. I never walk around my neighborhood late at night without the company of a big male friend but i still eat the shit out of some acid..