Story 35

my first time tripping it didn't hit me till about two hours after i took it so i was almost sure it wasn't going to work then unexpectedly i started to see the most awesome shapes and patterns in the clouds,the prettiest colors and the ground was moving to my heart beat... everything was better then i thought. i seen things i always wanted to see... the trails were intense but i loved it.the highlights from the sun rays hitting the trees were swinging to the music i heard and i thought about two hundred things at one time....once i tried tripping in school but the bad luck i had that day cause i needed to take a really important test that effected my grade dramatically. all the letters were mooshing around and i couldn't see straight... but since tripping makes me think and remember allot easier that was the first time i ever got an "a" on my science test . somehow i managed to bubble in the letters in the scantron which i found to be very amusing... i have had allot of fun tripping but the biggest flaw sometimes is that you want all the visuals to stop at a point and rest from the crazy time you just had that lasted all day but it never seems to let you sleep. not for a while atleast. now every time i burn or roll i still see colors here and there ever since my last trip i'm stuck with the here and there visuals.... don't let what i say influence you to not trip cause its one of those have to try drugs that you decide whether if its for you or not... one of my friends hate it with a passion and my other asks me to take her with me when i go on my little adventures every time i go that's what i call it an adventure cause i see something new every time. have fun!