Story 36

My name is Dave. I live in Columbus Ohio. I'm 23 and I've taken around 120 hits since I was 19. I used to sell but not anymore. I've had paper, liquid and gels and in my opinion gels were the most intense. I have a few things that are on a permanent trip now. Like, some carpets, ceilings and walls "move" every time I look at them. It's actually kind of neat. I first started when I was 19. Acid was my first drug. I love it. One particular story I'd like to share happened about 10 months ago when me and my 2 friends Steff and Tony tripped on gels. It was a Friday night and I had arrived at Steffs about 8:00 pm and we all dropped 2. As soon as we dropped we went to Rally's drive thru to get a quick bite to eat before our little expedition. When we got back(about 20 minutes later) we were already feeling a little goofy. We put in a candid camera type of video and ate and started laughing uncontrollably. Tony looked outside and said the trees were starting to "melt" and then puked off the edge of the balcony. A cat was on the ground and started to feast on the still chunky chicken sandwich. We never seen that cat again. The night went on to include all kinds of wackiness. We seen a different world in her shower curtain. A tranquil sea of fairies and gnomes in her ceilings and the lava lamp looked like our bleeding brains. At about 12:30 am I was finishing a shower. I came out to the living room and there were 2 friends of ours who weren't there before. They had stopped in from the bar on their way home. They knew what was going on and didn't stay long due to our constant giggling and babbling of nonsense. They were hip to the game. About 3:30 or so we decided we needed a change of atmosphere and drove over to Tony's. Which didn't seem like his place at all. We were all in his room admiring his posters in the dark and he had the Soundtrack to Bram Stoker's Dracula playing. Well they went to the living room and I couldn't get off the bed. I just laid there in the dark. But then the evil part of the music came on and I started to become frightened. I shut my eyes and the music caused me to see the Wall Of Death. It was a never ending massive wall of evil and pain and death and monsters that was towering over my huddled body and screaming so loud and mutating and I screamed for help. I was better a few minutes later but I had never been so scared in my whole life. But after that Tony put on some happy Celtic Moods and we got lost in one of those static electricity balls that when you touch it the electricity moves with your hand. We had slinky's. The tracers from the ball and the slinky were just awesome. The slinky also had some great colors too. We finally reached reality about 10:00 am. The next weekend Me and Tony dropped 5 hits of liquid each. We watched Mars Attacks and Thought that we weren't coming back from our trip. Good trip movie. Later in the trip Steff took us to Krogers to get more orange juice. She was only high. But we were in no shape to be outside in the world. It was 5:00 in the afternoon. We dropped about noon. I got lost in Krogers by myself. I turned around and they were gone to another aisle. I walked around the store scared and finally found them. I almost panicked. Krogers was like a circus of freaks that day. Zombies and vampires were shopping and I just tried to ignore them. Well thats one of many stories I have. Tripping is my favorite thing to do, but you can't always find it. Life in general is like a long trip now. But that's life in the big city.