Story 37

this story your about to read took place in Nashville,TN (7-1-99)at a PHISH concert.this was my first time to trip at a concert and my first time to trip on shrooms when we got to the concert we romed around the parking lot looking for some sort of drug.we found some shrooms and some kind buds,so we bought them.then we went back to the car and ate some of our shrooms.i ate three grams and my friend ate about four grams.we rolled a joint then went and got in line.i started to feel it when i was in lineand i could tell dan was,too.i could hear every single person in line but i could't tell what they were saying.we finally got in the front gate after about 30 i went to the bathroom to eat some more shrooms.i ate about three more grams and so did dan before the concert started.when i came out i notice i lost $20.00 worth of pills but i was starting to get good tracers or my hand when i would move it so it didn't matter.we sat down and smoked a joint and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!the shrooms hit me so hard i didn't know what was going on.then the show started.after that i ate 2 more grams and by that time i was tripp'in balls.the sky seemed lowwer than usual and the grass seemed to grow every was to hard to concentrate on the show with all the shit going on around me and that went on for the whole concert.about half way threw the concert we were smokeing a bowl out of my new glass pipe.then all of a sudden three sucurity guards jumped in dan's face and took my bowl away and broke it over his flash happen so quicki didn't know what the fuck was going on.after that i was paraniod so we moved to the top of the hill and then a very bad thunder storm was pouring down on everybody.the lightning was going with the music it seemed like.i was tripp'in so bad i didn't give a rats ass if i got struck by the lightning or i sat there till the end of the show.after the show we got a hotel.when we got the room i looked at the walls it looked as if it were water,the walls in a wavy motion and the ceiling looked like it had letters going all the way across the room.i got tired of looking at that so i went outside.when i looked at the pea gravel sidewalk it looked like millions,millions,and millions of tiny worms crawling around.after that everybody decided to go to sleep and the next thing i knew it was morning.