Story 38

In the late summer after my 7th grade year I was staying with my cousin Deanna and her boyfriend Arin. Arin had bought six hits(two hits for all of us) and it was my first time to trip on acid. First we sat around at their house for a little bit. Then we went to a store to get floats cause we were goin to the river to swim. We also got some drinks with vitamin C because they said that vitamin C makes the trip better. When we got to the park by the river we were really frying, and the sand under the playground was like water. The trees were all wavey and changing colour. We then went down to the water where kids were swinging from a tree into the water with a rope. There were long trails of colour behind the kids as they swang and ran around. We got in the water but after a little while the water was messing up the trip so we got out and dryed off. Then i was about to smoke a cigarette when a old man said those are bad for ya. I didn't say anything back but i was freakin out over that little thing it was weird. Finally i forgot about it and got back to my wonderful trip. I hope you have liked my story and I'm sorry that it is so short. If any of my fellow tripers would like to chat my email adress is