Story 39

This is why you should never trip with someone who you don't think can handle it... It was a Saturday and we were all ready. We had been planning this trip for quite some time. I am the experienced one out of my group of friends since I've done it about 10 times as much as them. So of course they all wanted to do it at my house. Fair enough, out of all the possible places my house is the best bet since there we're allowed to stay in my backyard where we can talk and smoke all we want unlike all my other damn rich suburb friends houses. Besides we've always tripped at my house. This stuff though was some of the strongest I'd ever come across. I knew this going into the trip and wanted to have an extremely strong one so I decided me and my close friend there would take two hits apiece. There were six of us in all and only two of these guys had never tripped before. One of them I knew I didnt have to worry about, he had plenty of other drug experience and was a pretty stable guy. The other one though was this extremely quiet shit who had of only recently started hanging out with us. I disliked him immensly and tried my best to keep him away from our trip party (the only reason he was going to be there in the first place was because he in fact paid for most of the shit, dumb bastard.) We had tried to ditch him earlier in the day but in a pathetic display of his lack of maturity basically cried over the phone because he couldnt come. So we had no choice but allow him to join us. When everyone arrived I was in a pretty pissy mood since my friend had just broken my guitar but I allowed the trip to happen despite that since I knew once I got deep into it the guitar would be all but forgotten. As soon as the sun went down I past out the acid. We all sat around and waited out the most annoying part of the trip (the anticipation) until finally it started to kick in. Now I being the good host I am before hand went out and got us an incredible supply of trip toys. We raided a Party City and had some of the most amazingly trippy objects an acidhead could ever hope for. Too bad I never got to use them. You see when our trip began we were all scattered around my pool doing whatever the acid in our heads bidded. I was having an outstanding time in this wonderfull universe of mine and all was well. Some of the toys had already been brought out when it first started but I wanted to get to the rest of them. I searched for the bag of toys to no avail. It was then when I discovered that our little quiet little friend had snatched the bag and hidden himself in a corner away from everyone. I then realized my fatal mistake of letting a first timer be swept away to wherever the acid took him, there should have been someone showing him the ropes and now he was completely engrossed in his own world. I at the time was some what happy about this fact since that meant he wasnt in the way of my trip but I wanted the toys goddamn it. When I went over to him he was a complete mess. He had covered his hand in dry silly string which he refered to as "the people" he had a Stretch Armstrong style dog in his other hand which he had now come to fully believe was alive (this I found out as he yelled at me for waking it up). He had slinky glasses on which were annoyingly loud and from the slinky glasses he had two slim light stick tubes which were supposed to make braclets hanging from them. All in all he looked pretty fucked up but I was not giving up. So I told him to give me the bag of toys or at least some of them to which he replied "No mine." in a scared voice as he snatched the bag away from my grip. "No???" I said, "Look you little bitch I dont care what the fuck the "people" are doing on your hand nor if your fucking dogs sleeping, this is my house, and those are my goddamn toys now fucking give them to me." Now you should keep in mind that I am coinsedered the boss during all these trips since I'm always the one who has to tell people to keep quiet so to not wake up my parents. So everyone basically did what I told them to and now this cunt rag was telling me no. Pissed off I attempted to snatch the toys away from him to which he started shrieking, this was no normal shriek, this was some sort of baby/primal shriek that sent chills down my spine. I stepped back and looked at him, a normal 15 year old guy in my house was shrieking like a baby and no matter how much I told him to shut up he would only shriek more. This was too much for me so I decided to fuck it and go smoke a cigg. My friends this whole time were completely oblivious that the quiet one had gone into a baby like state. I knew that I couldnt let him ruin my trip so I started to forget about it and resumed tripping with my friends. Everything was fine again until the little shit had to go and start making noise. It seems he had started to give his toys more life and was talking for them in an extremely loud voice. Now you can annoye the hell out of me and I'll just ignore you but when you start making alot of noise you can wake up my parents which I would much rather not have to handle. I started yelling at him to shut up from a distance, of course he ignored me completely saying he was fine. So I got up and started to walk over to him with an extremely pissed off look on my face. One of my other friends was like, "Oh shit hes really pissed off now" which of course the bastard heard and started to get scared. He assumed I was coming over to kill him and got up and started to run which made the slinky glasses make tons of noise. Now it got serious because of course the first place he ran to were the bushes next to my parents bedroom. He was cornered though and I in a panic was screaming at him to get out of there. "NO YOUR GOING TO HURT ME!" Was his reply. I realized that maybe if I started pretending to be nice to him he would relax so I told him everything was alright and he could come out. "NO NO NO!!" He screamed over and over at enough volume to wake my neighbors up. I started to lose it, I walked right up to him, he was in the fetal position at this point which is always a bad thing but I was too pissed to care. I looked at him as he started to weep and said "Look you little pathetic piece of shit, I'm sure your going through some very traumatic things in that little acid filled head of yours but this is my fucking house and you will do what I say without acting like a three year old or else I swear to god I will dump you out in the street where you can wait out this trip by yourself and hope no cops pick you up." This got a response, he looked up at me and agreed to come out just as long as I stood away from him while he did it since he was still scared I was going to hurt him. Once I did he slowly came out, it was almost funny watching him do it since he was still in his full get out, slinky eyes, glow sticks and all. He side stepped while keeping low to the ground resembling some animal who was afraid of being attacked by a predator. At this point he started to act a bit more normal and we tried to get the glasses off of him since they were making so much noise, still afraid of me and my friends he agreed to do it as long as we turned around. Turn around? I realize its an extremely easy action but I refuse to bow down to something so stupid no matter how much acid someones on and over a period of five minutes would turn my head around then as he started to take them off would turn back around facing him which of course made him throw the glasses back on as fast as possible. We all were doing this for quite some time and taking much amusement from it until he started to cry like the baby he was so we left him alone. Some friends came over and he acted normal again being able to carry conversations without shrieking or warning about waking up his dog for once but I was still annoyed by his mere prescence for the rest of the night and I couldnt enjoy what would have been an awesome trip. We've tripped several times since then but have made sure he's never been there. This pissed him off pretty bad but I explained to him a simple rule, "You come to my house, trip and I cant control you, you dont trip at my house." So to all of you reading this make sure the next time you trip with someone new that they can control themselves, either that or make sure you have a closet you can lock them in if they get out of line.