Story 4

Im in downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire trippin my balls off, I'm wearing sunglasses and go into a little tobacco store to get some clove djarums. I'm with three buddies, one is with me and the other two were sober. I grab two tins of filterless djarums and a pack of filtered ones. I look over at the counter and the clerk, oh that friggin clerk, he had a long pointed beard and a rollie fingers mustache and tiny little bifocals rings me up and says do you need any matches? I give him a dead giveaway when I ask are they free? he says surrrrre, shows me a pack and says do you want one with ten shoes me another pack or do you want one with thirty? how about this one with forty.....then he starts slurring and slowing down his speesch, da ya w on wth fty du da du du. Everyone in the store stops what they were doing and look over at him, to me it was all in real slow-motion. I almost watched my brains spill onto the floor, i grabbed all four of the packs of matches from his hand, and thinking I had gone over that edge my sane and sober buddy said, "was that guy speaking to you in some sort of code?" I said you mean I didnt imagine that, thank god... the fuckin clerk knew I was trippin and fucked with me hard, the more thought I have put into it I realized the clerk is in a endless trip stuck in that temporary world I often visit. LATER PINK FLOYD RULES TP