Story 40

hi, i got on to your web site and i thought it was pretty nice. good job. anyway, i had a really insane, crazy, BAD trip.... but it wasn't from acid. i've done acid about 6 times and i never had a really bad experience (everyone bugs here and there, but i later found out that a bad trip was a little more than just buggin out a little bit). i've done shrooms about 4 times in my life and the last time i did them, i experienced utter and total insanity. it was a really bad day for me and my friend debbie. we were on our way to oswego, new york (which is way upstate -- and we're from central jersey) for a big phish campout. we were making excellent time and we would have been there on time, except 10 minutes from where we were supposed to be, her 1985 volvo overheated! we were stuck in a gas station for EVER. thats where i bought the shrooms. the guy said they were the best he'd ever seen and that they were really really potent. without hestitation, i bought them and split them with debbie. we ended up having to hitchhike to the show and get her car towed. we were with complete strangers. it was really hot and humid out. we set up our tent and we got all our shit organized. it was about 4pm by that time, so we decided to eat our shrooms. no lie - about 15 minutes later, i started feeling it. it was stronger than any trip - acid or shrooms - that i had ever taken. i sat in my seat quietly for awhile, but then i started to get scared. people's faces started morphing into horrible things. smiles looked like faces of death to me. thats when i got up to find someplace where i could get some privacy. i made debbie come with me to this open field area. - which really was a patch of rough grass about 20 feet away from our campsite. everywhere i looked, i saw people. i saw disgusting things that i knew must be unreal. i saw amazing colors and lots of weird things in the grass. i could feel it breathing and i could see it growing. part of the grass was purple. i tried to unbug myself by reminding myself that it was only a posion running through my veins that was making me feel this way, but i couldnt help feeling...well... HELPLESS. i wanted to cry. at one point, i told debbie (who wasn't bugging out) that i wanted to go home, call my mother, go to the hospital, and NEVER have anything to do with phish again. i saw two girls sitting nearby that looked like people i knew. i went up to them and explained that i was bugging out and that i needed to talk to someone. they sat there, listening to the jibberish i was spouting out. they tried asking me about myself, but all i could tell them was that i was having a really bad time and i thought i was gonna die. i ended up calling a friend of mine on my cell phone, but she wasnt home. i talked to her older sister, which really made me feel better. she told me that everything was going to be okay. its hard to keep your head on when you are tripping face. eventually, i went back to the campsite when i calmed down. the people that picked us up knew something was up. they asked if i was feeling it and i told them i was bugging out. they gave me this slice of honeydew that felt amazing in my mouth. i saw the most visuals i had ever seen! at that time, debbie started crying. i knew that she must finally feeling the same trip as me. i could tell she was really scared, so i snapped out of my bad trip and tried to take care of her. everything after that seemed a lot calmer. i went to the show that night and i had a great time. the total time i was freaking out ended up being only 45 minutes or so.