Story 42

Ok . . . so I'm hangin' out with my friend Travis at school. I ask him if he knows where I can get some acid. He says he does and he can get some for me. At this point, I have taken mild acid in moderate amounts (1/2 hit - 1 hit), but have never actually bought any so he told me that this acid was expensive . . . $10 a hit. I handed him fifty dollars and told him to get me as much as he could and get me some weed with the rest. He said okay and walked off. After that, he wasn't in any of the classes I normally saw him in. I looked for him all lunch period long, thinking that maybe he had taken my money and decided to skip out and keep it, when suddenly, he comes rushing towards me with ultra-dilated eyes. He pushes me into the bathroom where he hands me the largest sack of skunky weed I had ever held (though I've held 1/2 pound bag since :} ) and tells me, "You didn't see me here. I'm leaving. I'll talk to you later." I looked in the bag and didn't see any acid, so ! I was kind of pissed, but I had at least $60 worth of weed in my pocket 'til I got home. My grandma came by school to pick me up and immediately started asking me about 5 bucks missing from her wallet. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about (to this day, I still don't know why I took the five bucks . . . I had 45 in my wallet, but I guess I just wanted to make it even out or something . . . we all make mistakes). So I get home, and Travis pulls up in my front yard. He comes in and tells me that he got me a hit and the sack that he gave me only cost 40 bucks. He started telling me how he took one hit right after I had given him the money, and then he skipped school the rest of the day (except when he came back in to give me the bud). He said it was the most intense visuals he had ever had. Then, he left for work after handing me the hit. I was kind of pissed that he could only get me one, but after seeing the way he was acting and the sack he had given me, ! I decided it was a good deal. Then, my friend Kevin called and we started making weekend plans and I told him that I knew where Adam (my other best friend at the time who had never tripped, but wanted to) could get some acid. Then, Kevin said that Adam had enough to get three hits so we could all trip at my house that weekend. I walked upstairs with the cordless phone and my grandma was sitting on the couch with the phone extension up to her ear. She had gotten drunk and decided to listen to my phone calls to see if I would tell my friends anything incriminating about her 5 bucks that I stole. She told me that she couldn't believe I was doing drugs in her house. She was so drunk that she thought I was talking to Adam and said that he couldn't come over any more (Bummer!). I live with my grandma and my uncle and my uncle is the one who holds authority over me in the house, so grandma told him. All the time between her catching me on the phone and her telling my uncle, I had been downstairs on the phone with Travis, telling him what had happened and he said he could come over and hang with me, because my uncle and grandma would not discipline me in front of my friends (the only cool thing about them). Then, my uncle came downstairs and told me that we were going to go eat Chinese food. At this point, Travis showed up with a Misfits video and my uncle sent him home. Then, I was given the standard lecture ("Drugs are bad. Don't do drugs. If your friends do drugs, they're not you're friends. etc.") and we ate some Chinese food. I got home and couldn't believe they actually didn't punish me, but they held firm to the rule that Adam couldn't come over. I still hadn't taken the acid, and decided that I should at this point to "get rid of the ev! idence." I took it and sat for about 10 minutes. Then, "Real Sex" came on HBO and they were doing a special on sex toys. I thought the show would be hilarious to watch if my trip kicked in before it was over, so I watched it. It ended an hour later and my trip still hadn't kicked in. Now, I hadn't tripped very hard before (slight tingling in my stomach, auditory distortions), but it had always kicked in within 45 minutes and an hour and a half had already passed. At this point, I was pissed and decided that I had been gypped. Suddenly, I began to feel that familiar tingling and the head rush that I now know so well. I was very happy and found myself walking circles around my room while laughing. However, my tripping experience had not prepared me for the peak that I was about to hit. I lay down on my bed and tried to remember how to sleep, as I had school the next day and it was already midnight, and found that there was no comfortable position on my waterbed. I lay! there squirming and trying to get in a good position, when I suddenly forgot what I was doing and felt the sensation of my body sinking into water. It seemed to me that my squirming had been flailing attempts to keep from drowning and I decided to give up and sink. When I found that I could still breathe, I began to laugh hysterically. I have no Idea why this was funny, it just was. Suddenly, I spied my acoustic guitar and decided to play something. I strummed a chord and it made the strangest sound to me . . . I laughed some more. At about 4 in the morning, I gave up on sleep and decided to make breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I reached in for some eggs and came back out with a three liter bottle of cola instead. I realized that I was thirsty and opened the new bottle and turned it up. After chugging nonstop for an insane amount of time and almost passing out from lack of oxygen, I realized that I had drunk 2/3 of the bottle. I de! cided to just finish it. After doing so, I ate some cocoa pebbles and decided to try the weed. I loaded up a bowl and stepped out the back door (still in my underwear for some reason) and took 2 hits off of it. At this point, though I didn't know it, I had still not reached the absolute peak of the trip and I my body began to shiver involuntarily. I decided that I must be cold, although I didn't feel cold, so I put my pipe up and got dressed. About this time, my grandma got up and took me to school, I told her (trying to act as sober as possible) that I would get a ride home with a friend. She didn't say anything so I decided she wasn't against the idea and went into school. My trip reached it's peak at the beginning of first period when I was hanging out with Kevin. He had just finished a bottle of coke and I was talking to him about some secret of the universe that I had figured out and not paying attention to a word he said. I found out later that he'd asked me if h! e should chuck the empty bottle at our friend Jared. Suddenly, catching him off guard, he threw the bottle and it bounced off Jared's head. This was the funniest shit I had ever seen and immediately burst out laughing. Then, I had to take a test and all the questions seemed like they were insinuating that I was tripping (don't ask . . . I don't even understand it really) so I just answered them randomly and looked at the board. It was all 3d looking. The text seemed to be changing it's position slightly on the board, so I just sat there all freaked out. I got through the day and was still tripping hard. I got a ride home with my friend Ian, who is the biggest druggie on the planet and told him all about it. He then went and got a bag of weed and we went to his house. We took turns packing his three-foot, red, white, and blue bong "Uncle Sam", until we were both stoned out of our minds. Then, we played a half hour long version of the intro to "Dazed and Confused" on o! ur guitars. He took me home and I finally came down from the trip at about 9:30. As I figure it, that $10 trip lasted me 23 hours!!!