Story 44

This past summer my two friends and i went up to see Phish at the tweeter center. We werent going inside we just went up there to see the crowd and get drugs. that was no probablem. One of the first people we ran into had black gel tabs. each of us got two. I used to trip like everyday but since then i havent triped in about 8 months. This was only my 2nd time on gels too. Well then were just walking around when we find liqued. I ahve never done it before so i wanted to so bad. So we each got i hit of that. write out of the vile. drip write into our mouthes. After that we waled around for a while then in that time i must have somed two blunts of kb's and ate two gooballs. I was not feeling any of the trip when wame. It hit me all at once and really hard. we were still walking around and some guys were just hanging out and since i looked so fucked up they called me over and asked if i wanted some liqued. at first i was like no but then all my friends that we met up and the two that i came with were all telling me to do it. so hey why not. they droped two more hits into my mouth. well after that we well guess what .... walked around. i was so messed up and now peaking. we finally sat down on a grassy hill write in front of the gates. when cops on hourses and cops on foot stared to get everyone away from the gates who did not have a ticket. When the cop on the horse steps on my anckel. the horse started to fall over on me and my friend. i rooled out of the way crying, laughing, and screaming. Then everyone was yelling at the cop and he was like well why isn't she complaining then. but i couldnt even talk i was so gone. i tried but it just would not work, all i could do was laugh. So my friend took me away so could chill out for a hot sec. but after taht people would come up to me and say hey thats the girl who got stepped on by that horse. i laughed about that for hours. we all did. My friend who drove was just as fucked up as me but on other things. Well we were all fucked up. since we parked in front of a whole bunch of big hippy buses when we went back to the truck we could not fnd it. all the buses were gone. most all the cars were too. it was so scary. we thought it got towed. we must of just not have seen it because it was in the middel of nothing. no other cars or anyhting around it. Since we got kicked out of there we drove down the road a little bit two a duken dounuts parckng lot and waited there untill 5:30 am when he felt he could drive home. since it was 2 hours away. for the ride home i got 2 more gooballs and 3 more blunts of kb's. my friend and i walked in the house to find my parents up and getting ready for work. that was one cray night but that is only minor to the other stories i hace