Story 45

This wasn't the first time I have tried acid but it. was the first time i have ever felt this way. It was early in the day around 2:00pm and a friday night, me and my friend sandy had made plans to get some acid and go to the fair that was going on for the weekend. well we got the acid early so that we wouldnt run into any problems. i havnt been home all day so i decided to go home and check in with the parents. it was about 7:00pm now and we took the acid so we would give it time to work. I went home to check in and my parent were giving me shit and said i wasn't allowed out.( I have been giving them problems lately) so they told me to go to my room. so i went to my room . I was so pist off i had forgotten i had taken the acid and sat in my room and lit my candles and put on some jimi hendrix(the red house) and sat on my bed in my unfinished room. Then suddenly it hit me, The door was cracked open a bit and i stared at it. it began to motion back and forth. i was like shit i need to get out of this house befor i start really trippin. i looked over at the 50 or so candles that danced like a breeze was about and they seemed to move with the music. i jumped off my bed and and thought i needed fresh air so i began too walk out of my room into another room that was not nearly finished from construction . the walls were slanted and there were no dry wall yet so all you can see is the studs. i began to walk to the room so that i could go onto the roof and try and jump down . i stepped into the dark room and the walls caved in on my head or it seemed that way the floor became a waving escalator. i was so freaked because i have never tripped by myself. so i ran back into my room and shut the door. i was determined to get the hell out of my house and go to that fair with my friend. so i figured out a way to jump out my bathroom window without my parents knowing. i found sandy at another friends house. and we were off to the fair. we only had two problems we thought we were not gonna trip long enough, so we dropped 1 more hit each and the other problem was, neither of us had a car. we started our journey to the fair. and it was crazy. we live at 81/2 mile road and we had to get to 15 mile road. we ran into some crack head asking for weed and we started tripping out really hard when he was fucking with us. my friend was kinda a hard ass so it just scared me even more she spit in this guys face and he started chasing us. i don't think i have ever ran so fast and we couldnt stop laughing it was histerical. a minivan pulled up next to us after we started walking again and we didnt know these guys but we needed a ride im sure they went to one of the schools around here so they gave us a ride. we were in the car and started giggling and the guys were getting all pist off thinking we were telling secrets or something. i looked up and said were just laughing and i seen one of the kids faces and it was all fuct up i couldnt beleive it. i just kept staring at it. he got really mad and said drop these girls off . we were like fuck you. and so we were back to walking .finally 2 miles later we got to the fair. ive never done two hit of acid before so i didnt know what to expect. but the lights that flashed before me were the most beautiful things i have ever seen. we got bracelets so that we could ride all the rides at one price. we started with this one ride that took you up in the air and spun you in circles, that had to of been the most awesomest experience on acid i have ever done. we got off the ride and my friend said she didnt feel so good and right there in front of all the people puked. i remember looking at it like a thousand fish swimming on the ground. i looked up and the light just took me over i was very still and couldnt remember where i was while my frined continued to puke she said she wanted to leave. we went to the nearest pay phone to call gary for a ride and someone else answered the phone and she started yelling i was like be quiet she was really loud(like always) a security guard came over and asked us to please leave she told him to fuck off and i couldnt do anything but laugh and we walked away. on our way home on our journey 2 camero drop tops came up on the side of us i was like no way. all guys they just got back from the fAIR and asked us if we needed a ride we said yes. we rode in the wind with a giant teddy bear in the back .that was an awesome feeling especially on acid to have the wind in your hair speakers were loud, blaring bigge i felt free and nothing could stop us no matter were we went. There was a party down by our house so the guys drove us there but they didnt want to stay. we met up with gary and the rest of our friends at the party . it was outside and they had a fire going in the back yard every buddy that greeted us looked all messed up. the big tree in the yard was saying something to me, and the fire told me to look at him. i was trippen to hard i think everybody seemed to be talking to me but i couldnt comprehend. sandy started drinking so i assured myself i was ok. we were in the back yard and someone said the cops were here everybody started hoping fences and i just sat there i didnt know what was going on someone yelled jody get over here so i got up and ran to a fence and scalled it like i was a perfessional. i dont think i have ever seen a girl hop a fence like i did. we took off to the next block and the cops were creeping around the whole neighborhood. i knew i couldnt get caught if my dad would find out i would have got a beatin(he was the mayor of our city) so he finds out shit like that. i decide to go home to stay out of trouble i lost sandy somewhere. but i had another problem - how was i gonna get back into my house without waking my parent. plus i was still trippin balls and by myself again. i climed up back into the bathroom window and got to my room. and sat there. i decided to look at myself in the mirror(never do that while yor tripped) i was so hit i couldnt even believe it was me everything on my face was enlarged and distorted i could see right through my pores on my face. i went back to my bed and layed down listening to led zepplin and staring at the door again and the way its movement went to the music and the darkness that lay behind that door and the way i could hear my heart ponding on the walls of my chest made me feel crazy , the tension that was built up made me want to run around but i just layed there didnt move didnt even flinch.