Story 46

k...I started tripping for the first time in mid-April of this year. Usually acid doesnt take too much effect on me visual-wise. About 3 weeks ago, we found out that there was some really good blotter going around Orlando (where I live) so a bunch of my friends and I decided to get some and go see the midnight showing of "The Wall" at the Universal Studios Ciniplex. My boyfriend had to go pick up the cid so my friends and I went along to the movies while he got it. I was getting a little pissed because I was afraid that I wouldn't even be tripping while watching the Wall. Luckily the movie started 15 minutes late giving my boyfriend enough time to get to the theater. I dropped at about the third song, which is Brick in the Wall pt. 1. I decided to sit in the front row with my boyfriend and my two friends Bet and Matt to get a fuller effect of the movie and music. I took 3 hits which is about how much I usually take but to my joyous was A LOT stronger than what I was used to. I started getting really ancy and pissed off as I watched the movie. I started really trying to get into the movie and as I watched the events unfold I couldnt help myself. I started giggling. I couldnt stop giggling. I turned around to see my friend Jake stupidly putting a hit of acid on some girl's tongue. I thought for sure the whole theater saw him and that we would get caught. But I decided not to worry about it considering I can act kewl on acid. I turned around to watch the movie again and my friend Bet shoved a bag of Skittles in my face. I looked to my right and started laughing again because for the first time...I was really started to get some visuals. The theater wall was wavy and smokelike. I turned back to the movie and sat watching it eating melting skittles for what seemed like days. Then it got to the part where the camera focuses on the still wall for like...3 minutes. My friends and I started laughing and talking really loud because the wall in the movie was moving around and little symbols were popping out. I practically fell out of my chair when the wall exploded. Ive seen the movie before but I totally forgot that the wall was going to explode. I was getting even more ancy after that and I was thanking my lucky stars when the movie was over. As soon as I stood up....BAM! my trip started to kick in hard as shit. I was trying to walk, but found I could only stumble. I had one of those huge perma-grins that most people get when tripping. Everyone had to know I was fucked up. As we were all stumbling out of the theater my boyfriend decided to jump and hit the exit sign. Too bad he hit it so hard that it broke and fell onto the ground. We decided to high tail it out of there before we totally got busted. There was security everywhere, Im sure they were there to see if anyone was on drugs. Half the theater was tripping or drunk. My friends decided that they didnt want to take the escalator down to the main entrance of the ciniplex so we walked out onto the second story ramp. I bummed a cigarette off my friend and noticed that my boyfriend had run off to the elevator to get down to the ground. I ran after him only realizing too late that I had no lighter. When we got out I saw some people I knew from my old school and asked for a lighter. One of the girl's said no so I turned around to talk to my friends and ask for a lighter. About 20 seconds later, I heard that same girl start counting down from 3. 3- 2- ...I turned around and she was staring at me holding out a lighter. She was acting really bitchy and was like "I was about to put it away". I lit my cigarette and luckily they left. After that we finally got all of our group together (which was about 15 people) and we headed towards the Universal Studios parking garage. They have 4 long people movers from Citywalk to the parking garage, and Im sure you can just imagine what THAT was like! Jake kept turning around and running down the opposite people mover, he almost ran right into a security officer. When we got into the parking garage the lines started to distort and I had no idea where my bf's car was because I didnt come with him. I started running with my arms out as if I was a plane. The ground looked really awesome and I had to stop and stare at the ground. When we reached the car, I found out that one of my friend's was tripping for the first time. I thought he was only high on weed, but it turns out he was tripping. On two hits of the same stuff I was shit is hard and I wasnt too surprised when he started freaking out and sticking his ass out of the car window threatening to jump out. I turned on some music and we all started rocking out. I love driving around when I'm tripping. We all headed towards Jake's house which was only about an 8 minute drive and when we got there we all decided to take a walk around the block. Jake's neighborhood is really dark and has lots of trees and plants. It was about 2:30 am and here we were, ambling around a dark neighborhood tripping balls. I started feeling like I was taking dramamine too (if anyone knows what taking a bottle of dramamine is like while tripping) I kept seeing shadows walk by me, and I was having trouble remembering what I was talking about. I started thinking about things...then I'd ask questions out of nowhere. It was weird. But it was the best trip I'd ever had...and to this day, it's the best trip I've ever had. The rest of the night was about the same until Jake's mom found out he was tripping and she made us all leave. We couldnt decided where to go and we ended up losing each other as we drove around. My bf and I met up with our friends again about an hour later and my boyfriend and I decided to go home at about 5am. He usually gets really tired in midtrip and falls asleep....I hate falling asleep while tripping. As we were laying in bed, I started getting really scared. My closet door was wide open, and everytime I looked in there, a face would fly out at me and smile wickedly. I started to freak. I buried my face into my boyfriend's body and realized I was starting to go into a bad trip. Everytime I turned away from my boyfriend noises and dark shadows would fly at me. I started to cry and I couldnt stop because I was so scared. Around the same time...I know this sounds weird...I got really horny. And my boyfriend and I proceeded to have sex. For anyone who hasnt had sex while tripping, I recommend you do!! But protect yourselves. It was the best sex I've EVER had!! And it left me feeling safe for about 10 minutes...then I started to get scared again. I calmed down a little bit after about 2 hours. My boyfriend had to get up then and go to work. I was still afraid when he left for work. I called some of the friends I had tripped with and told them to come get me. By then, my trip was wearing off and I was really tired. My head was pounding (i now get frequent *acid* headaches) and I just wanted to sleep. But I couldnt sleep alone. So my friends came and we went to another friend's house and sat around for 30 minutes. We finally came back to my house and my mom was awake and she asked me what was going on. Luckily my mom is really lenient and just figured I was out and about early. She did ask if I was on anything, but Im good and said no. I just told her I had insomnia and couldnt sleep. Anyway...I didnt fall asleep until 1pm later that day. So to close this was one of the BEST and WORST trips I've ever had. Hopefully this weekend will get better....we're going beach tripping!!!! Everyone have fun and good tripping!! =o)