Story 47

It was a normal Friday in my neighborhood located in South Florida. The afternoon consisted of the usual blunt smoking, not stopping until I was quite high, also as usual. Earlier that week I had purchased 2 Purple gel tabs which were fairly large. At 5 P.M. the acid had entered my system. By 6, the initial effects were running quite strong, and I could tell this would be an intense trip filled with magnificant colors and visuals. Orange juice was ingested at this time, causing vitamin C to enter my system which would enhance the trip. One hour later I began to peak vigourously, my vision becoming blurred with euphoric acid waves. Its always fun to go into a trip after smoking massive amounts of marijuanna, because it causes a sense of surrealism to overtake your concious mind. At this point my eyes contained no color anymore, just consisting of pupil. I'm always able to handle my mom when tripping, so the fact she was there didn't bother me. While sipping on my glass of O.J., my flower pattern rug on the carpet began to come to life, first in two dimensions then three. The magnificant flowers were twisting around each other while changing colors, then something remarkable happened. They rose up from the carpet and proceeded to bloom in front of my eyes, offering a fantastic range of color for my mind to process. I decided to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Upon arrival at the spot where I smoke, the floor took on an interesting water pattern, moving like liquid while everything in motion was leaving distinct trails implanted into my visual spectrum.The sky was a glorious shade of purple for some reason that day. When it comes to tripping, I am no amature; however, I don't believe I've reached expert stage yet. One thing that will fuck anyone up when they are tripping is the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I'm sure any experienced acid enthusiast knows about. If you haven't rented a copy of this movie while tripping, I highly recommend it. Anyways, I decided to watch the movie based on the book by the 60's journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who is portrayed in the movie by Jonhy Depp. While I am watching, his eyes become my eyes and I become part of the movie, which is what usually happens when I watch it tripping. Its amazing to actually feel like you're there and watch as the whole room you're in change depending on the scene of the movie. I believe the more I trip the intensity of the visuals I can handle increases. As someone begins to ingest more quantities of acid, the visuals become more surreal and the connection with reality decreases. Some people can't handle this change into a dreamlike state in which the acid posseses almost complete control over your mind and go into a "bad trip". I find this state challenging and fun to pursue. Acid allows me to border the limits of sanity and see an amazing change, able to do so because I am always aware that as time increases the effects of the acid will decrease. There is a limit , however, as there is with anyone. The question is not can I stay within the limits of sanity, but how far can I push the limits and do the limits change from person to person? Until these questions can be answered I will continue to enjoy ingesting acid. This powerful yet horrible drug that induces temporary psychosis and schizophrenic states somehow causes a craving for it, a craving to leave reality and expand your conciousness in order to fulfil a need to understand something that we haven't grasped yet, and maybe never will. The form of knowledge I'm interested in pursuing is that which costs five bucks a hit. To all you acid lovers out there, don't let it take control, use it to control the world and understand it... Take a trip into the depths and limits of human understanding.