Story 49

The first time I got visuals off of Acid was at Together as One, a Fatass Rave here in Austin TX. The line and wait for this Mug was huge! Starts at 10pm and we got there at about 8:45 and already about 600ppl waiting to get in. Well we'd been waiting for them to start letting ppl go inside and all the time am looking for some trip without luck for sometime. Me and my cousin manage to get close to the begining of the line when we run into this chick with like 14 sweetarts and a 10 strip she's trying to unload so she can Roll. We get made a helluva offer of 8 for $10 and I got her down to 6 for $5 so We were stoked! She was a ditz mang fucking 6 hits for $5 hells ya.. We popped 3 each and ran into a guy I knew from back in the day, and he said he had a vile, I was like KooL.. He offered me some but I decided to wait and see what I got off the tarts, but that I would find him later and to save me a couple of hits.. We get inside finally and Already the place is getting packed, which meant no problemo on finding some more trip... I found 3 of my friends that all wanted to trip and hooked em up with 2 hits each from the d00d with the vile and also got me 2 for $5 ;o) One of my boys bought 4 sweettarts and and I got 4, so again I am happy.... Well I start looking at the ever growing scene and it's bumpin. It's been about 45 mins and I am not feeling much, so I decide lets find more!!! I ran into a bud from killeen that had a vile of pure Liquid Amber, and got a hit of that.... then another hit of liquid :o) I know overkill right... No way! High Tolerence mang. I start to walk upstairs and still not a whole lot going on for me, until about 10 mins later I look down at the wall of Blacklight Responsive painting, while basking in front of a airconditioning vent... All of the sudden the Painting start dancing into the crowed with vibrant ass tracers... I look to my cousin and ask him if he saw what I did, and he asked what so I pointed it out, and hell yea he saw it. I sat down about 30mins later of staring at the painting and tracers, and looked at the concrete where a bloch started flowing into what looked like a snake but I could see every part of the music around it like ripple in water... Me and My friends left at about 5:30am, and decided to goto Denny's, which I am still Tripping Balls here so I am hesitant, but say what the hell. We finally make the 30mile drive to Round Rock and meet up with our buds, where we recieved much love and Hugs for actually making it.... We get inside Denny's and needless to say Still Frying hard. I look at the menu and fucking wow man!!! Next time your in Denny's check out the menu's mang! They Rock!! We sat around and I amused everyone with my antics, dancing to some lame ass shit played over the restaurant speakers, and Just cracking up.... We got home around 10-10:30am, still tripping and didn't make it to sleep till 2pm or so, which fucking felt great! I had Fucking 14 wonderfull hours of Trip mang!!! I loved it and will always remember it.... L8rz, KooLLaiD